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Waynio 30th June 2013, 16:31 Quote
I would have bought this at release because it looks really excellent for an indy game but I'm just not playing any games lately although I finally got around to playing through the first stage of super meatboy last night & my mate was spot on about it being awesomely difficult lol. :D

I'll buy this as soon as I'm ready to be more of a gamer again. :D
t5kcannon 30th June 2013, 17:57 Quote
Interesting review, which contrasts sharply with the IGN review:
jimmyjj 30th June 2013, 22:46 Quote
The overall reception of the game is very positive:
t5kcannon 1st July 2013, 07:49 Quote
Originally Posted by jimmyjj
The overall reception of the game is very positive:

Average score according to metacritic is 74% (CPC awarded 97%), which I think is more towards the positive end of the review spectrum.
Meanmotion 1st July 2013, 09:17 Quote
Originally Posted by t5kcannon
Interesting review, which contrasts sharply with the IGN review:

It's pretty clear they reviewed the console version, so the player has no control over framerate or visual fidelity, and presumably that version suffered more from bugs. What's more it's possible the control system of a console made the puzzles that bit more tedious than using a mouse and keyboard. I'll add a line acknowledging these differences.
Waynio 2nd July 2013, 07:30 Quote
^ Played through the entire game in 1 sitting without any bugs other than bed centipedes, spiders carrying houses & moths carrying houses oh & a demonic friendly toy robot that helps you jump further & reach switches you can't, I played through it on a 360 pad. :D

Some excellent game world ideas nicely implemented in this game, loved the stacked houses with leaning them anywhere you want. :)

The story is a difficult theme done very well but it's also an enjoyable game with nice new ideas done equally well to the story, this is definitely 1 of the impressive ones for carrying serious story by minimal words with good game, it's a little big classic.

PS3 version on day 1 must have had plenty of technical bugs but I bet they got patched to not spoil the game, I don't like the way they knocked everything about the game other than story, unfair review by IGN but then again I never visit IGN. :p
enikmaster 12th July 2013, 11:59 Quote
It's a Summer Deal at Steam. 50% off. great game!
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