Mars: War Logs Review

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Pete J 19th June 2013, 15:04 Quote
A shame. I noticed this when it was first advertised on Steam and it piqued my interest. Maybe I'll pick it up when it falls to £2.50 or so.
GeordieGoose 20th June 2013, 13:09 Quote
Avoid it!

I purchased this when it came out as it had some good reviews.

It's boring as hell!

I was hoping of escaping and maybe doing some stuff around Mars but after about a good 5+ hours of play I'm still awaiting some good action. few fights with some mobs and gards once you get out of jail but not worth the time

There doesn't seem to be very many choices involved or any actual interesting game play.

Its supposed to get better but if I had of played any longer I would have fallen asleep.
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