Injustice: Gods Among Us Review

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maverik-sg1 21st May 2013, 11:48 Quote
£33 for a beat em up??

I like the review explaining the storyline, I'd like to see a film based on the same storyline and I'd like to play the game, but £33.....I can't help feeling the price is too high for what it is.
law99 21st May 2013, 12:09 Quote
why is this a PSN title or something? Thought that was the going rate for a new release especially for a hardcopy?
goldstar0011 21st May 2013, 12:13 Quote
Pretty decent game, it has an MK feel which I like, not played it enough to know the story though
Yemerich 21st May 2013, 12:59 Quote
PC? PS3? WiiU? Which platform was it reviewed?
goldstar0011 21st May 2013, 13:08 Quote
First screenshot shows Playstaion buttons but doubt it matters between any the platforms
Lance 22nd May 2013, 11:38 Quote
I have to say that review made me want to go and get it.
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