Lost Planet 3 Preview

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David 30th April 2013, 08:56 Quote
I remember reading reviews for the first game, and it got panned for poor optimisation - frames dropped to a slideshow in places, apparently. I think it was a bigger hit on the consoles though.

Regardless, the reviews were enough to put me off, and I never got hooked in to the series. In fact, I don't think any of my mates has played them either - I accept that it's hardly a representative poll of the gamer population but, from my perspective, it's difficult to ignore it when combined with the poor reported reception on the PC - so I find it interesting (and commendable) that they've continued to develop for the PC.

Maybe I'll have a look at them...
Eiffie 30th April 2013, 19:08 Quote
I enjoyed the first one quite a bit before my xbox red-ring-o-deathed and while I didn't care for the main characters too much or sometimes got lost in the later levels, I really enjoyed the style of gameplay. The on foot mechanics and mechs felt good enough and the weapons were easy to use and understand. The final boss was a total jerk though but just about every boss battle was really epic once you figured out a good strat.

I played 2 at a friends and we did maybe 2-3 levels and put it down because of how terrible it was.

I played the demo of LP3 at NY 2012 comic-con and enjoyed my time with it, not something I'd get at launch but maybe later on down the road.
Stanley Tweedle 2nd May 2013, 12:11 Quote
Game will get an average rating at best. Lettuce not kid ourselves when we know the outcome. It's a console game and an average one at that.
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