Dead Island: Riptide Preview

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XXAOSICXX 20th March 2013, 11:16 Quote
Enjoyed the first a lot, despite it's flaws (mostly the crafting, tbh).

Will be getting this :)
MjFrosty 20th March 2013, 12:27 Quote
I enjoyed the original too. Although some of the side quests were pretty unintuitive and I found myself winging it through the main story. Hopefully the new setting will give this an extra kick, as the co-op is great if you can laugh at the occasional bugs.
XXAOSICXX 20th March 2013, 12:45 Quote
Yep. Laugh at the bugs...and then stomp the heads of the zombies with your boot. Everything seems better :)
xaser04 20th March 2013, 13:11 Quote
Really enjoye dthe first one - works very well in Eyefinity - so will definately be picking this one up.

As a quick note I remember the Deo Bomb being in the original game. It is listed here as a "new" item.
Griffter 20th March 2013, 13:40 Quote
that reminds me to continue from where i left off in the first game... i remember i played half way the first mission :)
Phil Rhodes 20th March 2013, 14:43 Quote
I'm sure John's marshal arts are absolutely devastating.
LordPyrinc 21st March 2013, 18:39 Quote
I enjoyed playing the first one up to a point. Then I got annoyed when patches would make new bugs. For example, I couldn't always pick up my modified thrown weapon after certain patches, making me lose a frustrating amount of really good weapons. I've been tempted to give it another shot at some point. Either way, I feel that I got my money's worth for the time I did spend playing.
SighMoan 1st April 2013, 19:52 Quote
I can't be the only person who thought Dead Island was pretty rubbish and boringly repetitive?
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