Silent Hill: Downpour Review

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N17 dizzi 23rd March 2012, 09:17 Quote
Didn't finish the first one because I was too scared.

I'm still scared.
sakzzz 23rd March 2012, 12:37 Quote
38£ ! wtf ?!
RedFlames 23rd March 2012, 12:40 Quote
Sounds like a carbon copy of SH: Homecoming
Bauul 23rd March 2012, 13:01 Quote
Quick question: what was the system this was reviewed on? It usually states at the top of the review but I can't spot it this time.
Blademrk 23rd March 2012, 13:17 Quote
I'm assuming PS3 (from the PS3 installation statement).
RedFlames 23rd March 2012, 13:20 Quote
The prices link to the 360 version of the game, so 360 would be my guess...
Eiffie 23rd March 2012, 17:46 Quote
I guess it's a good thing I picked up the HD collection of 2 and 3 instead of the newer one. There was even a patch for the collection on the second or third day to help with some frame-rate and sound issues. There's still some lag every now and then which is sad for a HD remake of a last generation game but the experience doesn't suffer. Was really hoping that downpour would be good but it looks so same-ish compared to the later silent hill games.
brumgrunt 24th March 2012, 00:18 Quote
Sorry - my mistake. Just fixed the link to the prices. It's the PS3 version.
azrael- 24th March 2012, 15:47 Quote
Wonder if it'll be ported to the PC. Which reminds me, shame they never ported the original Silent Hill to the PC. Only one missing in my collection (except Downpour of course).
mute1 24th March 2012, 23:38 Quote
The first one can be emulated really well on PC. Looks not too bad either at increased resolutions and what not.
I always found the games really bad to be honest (and pretty samey too). Pseudo-Christian weirdness through the filter of Japanese weirdness to make a lot of nonsensical rubbish.
Some bad Japanese tropes too, like people getting reborn or combined or split or some such...
I'm a great admirer of Japanese culture but not so much Japanese horror (or Asian horror in general).
But clearly a great great many people disagree. It's the favourite series of one of my colleagues... :/
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