Space Hulk: Third Edition Review

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Tsung 14th December 2011, 13:53 Quote
Oh well, I loved playing Space Hulk on the PC when it came out, it was a very tense / atmospheric game. It needs a proper updated version.

I use to play the board game when I was young, with my brother. The chance to buy an up to date version and play it has gone which is shame. I think I would of given the whole painting models a go as well, so GW lost out capturing me as a customer and additional business from me.
It's a pity they don't do additional limited runs, I'd put down a deposit, when they hit the minimum number, create the games and send them out. I'd still rather they have the money than some one who is making a quick buck. :/
hardflipman 14th December 2011, 23:55 Quote
I very luckily managed to pick up what must have been about the last box available when it came out. If I hadn't I'd probably spend a £100 on it. £180 is a bit much though. I don't really think it's people trying to make a fast buck though seeing as it came out 2 years ago! Stuff sells on ebay for the price people are willing to pay for it i guess...
toolio20 15th December 2011, 03:01 Quote
Originally Posted by Omnituens
While a good read - was there a reason to review something 2 years old AND you can't get anymore?

Yes - to continue putting off the "monthly" PC Hardware Buyer's Guide
gosh 17th December 2011, 02:56 Quote
not that i didn't love spacehulk and it's cast plastic terminators with the clip on flamers, or all the increasingly confusing addon rules. also had space crusade and it's increasingly complex addons and even original talisman and all that extra weird crap like power armour in a fantasy game.

why are you reviewing this >? not only is it a board game, it's an extremely niche board game that is also no longer availiable to buy except for overpriced runs on ebay. there have been at least 1 good fan remake of spacehulk and 2 official games that were poor for PC, why not give us some info on those ?

i'm glad you have a copy, pat yourselves on the back. it's also not a bad review although it does kinda asume the reader knows what the hell you are on about. <<THIS IS NOT RELEVANT>>. you can get away with horus heresy 'cos that is current at least but maybe a feature on latest BF3 patch and how best not to turn your framerate to arse or a mention of the vitas imminent release in passing might be nice if you have some free time.
Cei 17th December 2011, 19:50 Quote
Bit have done several board game reviews, mainly on niche nerd games - exactly the ones the readership might be interested in. So I welcome this kind of review now and then, just as an aside to hardware.
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