Discworld: Ankh-Morpork Review

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Jamie 8th December 2011, 16:03 Quote
I want to play this!
Fizzban 8th December 2011, 17:37 Quote
I'd like some moar pork...

I'll get my coat.
thil 9th December 2011, 15:49 Quote
Originally Posted by LordPyrinc
Hum... I've never heard of Discworld or Terry Pratchet. Guess this somehow missed me over all the years that I was immersed in other books of the fantasy genre. Googled it though and it does sound intriguing. I just might have to pick up the first book the next time I go shopping.

I can't stand fantasy.

I love Pratchett. He takes fantasy, and indeed pretty much everything, and turns it on its head. And takes the piss out everything.

Plus, any bit-techer worth their salt could appreciate how a troll brain works on the Discworld.
ResCyn 14th December 2011, 14:33 Quote
For those that are finding this out of stock online, Waterstones seem to have quite a few in-store for £29.99. I picked one up today and a friend said they had them in his local store as well. You can also buy the collector's edition from Treefrog directly.
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