Horus Heresy Board Game Review

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SlowMotionSuicide 9th October 2011, 11:13 Quote
Why are the miniatures made out of candle wax?
Almightyrastus 9th October 2011, 11:16 Quote
Cheap, low grade plastic always looks like that. It's what you get for people building to a cost not building to a quality.
vampalan 9th October 2011, 13:41 Quote
The plastic figures are begging to be refinished and painted. Pass.
Apocalypso 9th October 2011, 14:29 Quote
Originally Posted by vampalan
The plastic figures are begging to be refinished and painted. Pass.

You never painted Hero Quest figures?
Gascogne 9th October 2011, 23:56 Quote
I have played Horus Heresy board game couple of times and it is fun. ^^
Hovis 11th October 2011, 15:07 Quote
Amazed at how expensive the game is. I can't see what about it justifies that price point at all. Thinking back to the older games, they were never that expensive. And this was back when they were doing real creative work, games like Adeptus Titanicus, Space Hulk, Blood Bowl and so on, where they actually had to create the mythos and the units involved never cost that much.

If that's a typical price point for a Games Workshop game then they are going to be missing out on a lot of potential fans who simply won't be able to justify the 'buy in' cost to pick their first game up.
Ergath 11th October 2011, 19:13 Quote
Agree with Hovis. When ah were 'lad, the original Space Marine boxed wargame was around 30quid,as I remember. It came with several hundred (very small) miniatures, lots of cards etc. etc. and had clearly needed a lot of development time. The trend over the years has always been for GW to get more and more expensive - I stopped buying stuff in the mid 90's and I get the impression they adopted a new business model at around that time which relied on raising all of their prices through the roof.

In fairness it was clearly the right move, as they are now a global brand and the money appears to have been ploughed back into generating more content very much in the spirit of the original 40k universe - the Dawn of War series is the realisation of a childhood dream for me, so I can't fault GW's creative credentials.
hardflipman 13th January 2012, 12:33 Quote
This is a Fantasy Flight produced game though not GW. And i saw it in waterstones for £90!
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