A Game of Thrones Card Game Review

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Farfalho 28th August 2011, 13:02 Quote
It seems confusing at first and only reading but maybe playing it will be a different story!
It's has been a long time since I played magic for the last time. It's a good way to make a profit out such a beautiful series
Instagib 28th August 2011, 15:04 Quote
How long before they make the computer game? They've done everything else. It might even be pretty good, but the books will always be the best.
Cei 28th August 2011, 17:19 Quote
Instagib, there's already an RTS on the way -
mrbens 28th August 2011, 19:47 Quote
Not seen Game of Thrones yet, holding out for the BluRay release. Looking forward to watching as it's been recommended by friends. :)
Claave 29th August 2011, 00:04 Quote
^Ditto. The books are very good in the meantime, though!
amppatel 29th August 2011, 15:11 Quote
I think they should make it a P.C game, the card game seems wayy to complicated. And yea the books are really good!
tad2008 4th September 2011, 18:11 Quote
Not another turn based card game?!? Magic was bad enough and to win you basically just had to be the last one to attack when everyone else was vulnerable and could no longer adequately defend themselves. Hardly a great tactic, 1v1 play was a different matter of course.

Sadly game of thrones sounds far too similar for my liking.

One game that had players making their move simultaneously was the original Rage based on Werewolf from the World of Darkness, not a huge hit but a lot of fun to play and a lot more tactical than Magic thats for sure.
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