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Pieface 7th June 2011, 18:04 Quote
Project Cafe, or Wii U is such a letdown.
derpooch 7th June 2011, 18:18 Quote
Nintendo. I am disappoint.
oasked 7th June 2011, 18:21 Quote
My response to Wii U, is WTF it looks like something Homer Simpson would have designed. :D

It's either going to tank or sell by the bucket load. At the moment I'm guessing the former - but until people get to try it we won't be able to tell.

I hope I'm proven wrong!
BioSniper 7th June 2011, 18:22 Quote
I'm not sure the Wii U is actually just a controller, did you notice that the Wii next to the TV looked different to a normal Wii? (I'm pretty sure it did anyway)
Just having a read through the webs and Kotaku also has pictures of what might be a "base unit" of sorts.

At this point I think it's hard to know as they have described it as a console and a controller, maybe it's one and the same, but I'm going to see what happens next as it still looks interesting.
derpooch 7th June 2011, 19:20 Quote
The Wii U is the name of the whole console aimed at 'hardcore gamers' that features a controller that looks awkward to say the least! The Guardian has a nice summary of it (surprisingly). I was just hoping for an end to gimmicks :(
DwarfKiller 8th June 2011, 02:08 Quote
After seeing so much AC and ME... I've finally gone and thrown myself into the second in each series. Thoroughly enjoyed the originals. Should tide me over nicley with a fairly short wait after.
fev 8th June 2011, 09:31 Quote
Originally Posted by spectre456
this has been the best E3 in a long time. The last one i really enjoyed watching was 2005 i believe. PS3 announcement, Killzone 2 trailer, Insomniac's I-8 (resistance) trailer and plenty of other awesomeness.

I disagree, nothing has impressed. Perhaps it's because I've seen it all #sigh
Blademrk 8th June 2011, 13:22 Quote
I'm with Fev on this one, I've only seen the MS and Sony presentations so far (will watch Nintendos' tonight) but there have been very few games in either presentation which actually stood out as "must get" games.

Hardware wise, the Vito impressed me with the modnation track creation demo and it'll be interesting to see what can be done with the console.
The Wii U (from the couple of quick videos I saw this morning) also impressed me, and I think the first party tiltles may be really impressive once Nintendo get to grips with it.

Third party games (unless they're Wii U exclusive) will make very little use of the controller (or will only include novelty value - pretty much like Kinnect did in the ME3 demo, reading text to select options which can be done just as easily (or easier) with the controller).
Pieface 8th June 2011, 16:18 Quote
The only thing's that have made me happy is the 3DS line up and seeing a bit more of Battlefield 3. Not much else.
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