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niro 21st May 2011, 10:27 Quote
This review was nice and balanced, compared to some of the other places where the game was dismissed straight away out of hand. And it was not surprising for me to see that the reviewers was slated this game were also the same reviewers who loved up black ops.

Agree with everything Caolan has mentioned, especially the fact that this game is more tactical than you might think, you cant do your rambo COD style here and expect to win. As time goes on it will get better as people get used to it and adapt to the game, and those COD types drop out.
At the moment at times I cant stand playing on my own, because some of the pubbers have no concept of objectives.

Also what company would give you the first DLC free because of problems on day 1 (which I might add they got a chunk of it fixed on the same day)? That is something that should get more positive attention

Brink seems to be like marmite, you will either love it or hate it.
ev1lm1nd666 2nd August 2011, 02:26 Quote
Just bought it today for £8 from Game, well worth the money, runs very well on my old machine (athlon X2 5000, 2Gb DDR2, 9800GTX 512, Win7 X64, @ 1920 x 1080). Not noticed any lag yet but n00bs running around like they have an explosive enema shoved up their arse is a royal pain.
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