Saving The UK Games Industry

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MorpheusUK 30th March 2011, 17:29 Quote
This government needs to embrace one thing.
"Made in Britain"
If a product has and is Made in Britain they need to give some relief to these manufacturers, developers etc. as it's only strengthening the economy, no matter what it is.
Britain has a long standing history in game making and it would be such a shame to lose this to cheaper alternative producers. You get what you pay for.
battles_atlas 30th March 2011, 17:52 Quote
To those posting comments that have bought into the 'bankrupt Britain' story, here is some facts to provide perspective. Very much required reading in these times:
chrisb2e9 31st March 2011, 05:35 Quote
Yeah, blame Canada...

doggy 31st March 2011, 16:39 Quote
With cost of living and running a company sky high in this country there is always going to be someone outside the UK that can make the product at a lower cost. It is the same problem in most industries not just gamng. I dont see little tax breaks making any difference if a game design company has got to the point where it needs to make significant reductions in overheads......
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