Who's That Flying?! Review

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TWeaK 19th March 2011, 14:15 Quote
'Light Amplification by the Stimulation of Emitted Radiation'

Dammit, didn't finish reading the article XD Can I still haz pointz plskthx?

OT, sounds like an ok enough game, but given that $6 should be more like £3.70 I'll be giving it a miss for now..
Yemerich 19th March 2011, 20:00 Quote
It is a "great for 15 minutes" game...
Phalanx 19th March 2011, 20:20 Quote
Steam Sale item, methinks.
Krikkit 19th March 2011, 20:45 Quote
I got 10 points, but for an extra 5 each what do MASER and LADAR stand for? :D
TWeaK 20th March 2011, 11:54 Quote
I knew MASER but wasn't sure about the other. Google & Wiki make these games too easy though :P
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