The Duke Nukem Forever Interview

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docodine 1st March 2011, 08:25 Quote
I'm glad that they're respecting the work done by the original development team, he sounds like a really decent guy.

It's still tough to imagine the game actually coming out..
Jake123456 1st March 2011, 09:02 Quote
Originally Posted by docodine
I'm glad that they're respecting the work done by the original development team, he sounds like a really decent guy.

It's still tough to imagine the game actually coming out..

Putting a company at risk by picking up this game from 3D Realms takes alot of nerve, so Kudos to him! :D
maximus09 1st March 2011, 09:21 Quote
I guess we wont be seeing anything really new in terms of interactivity if they are using a lot of the code from 2005 however I wonder how much they have changed it to make it more up-to-date? Anyway still looking forward to it, all I really want is to hear duke say some amazing one-liners!
Tattysnuc 1st March 2011, 09:26 Quote
(just finishes pre-ordering copy through amazon)

Come get some!!!!!
x5pilot 1st March 2011, 09:50 Quote
There's ALWAYS room for sexist gung-ho action!... Shake it baby!!
Skiddywinks 1st March 2011, 12:14 Quote
Randy always strikes me as one of the few people in gaming that I can agree with on everything. I'm a little gutted he wouldn't go in to technical detail (even just a little), since that suggests there is something to hide, but he does come across as very down to earth, and like he cares about the games first, and the business later.

Kotick et al could learn a thing or two. Just watch the latest DNF interview on GT and you will see how much he cares about the game, and seems to truly enjoy talking about it. It's very rare to see such passion nowadays. And such genuine passion at that.
wafflesomd 1st March 2011, 12:19 Quote
Good interview. Sounds like a great guy.

Crysis 2 killer :)
SMIFFYDUDE 1st March 2011, 15:00 Quote
That first pic on page 3 was around earlier than 2002, its in the Feb 2000 edition of PC Gamer
Fizzban 1st March 2011, 15:07 Quote
Originally Posted by docodine
It's still tough to imagine the game actually coming out..

Until it's installed on my machine I won't believe it.
Scootiep 1st March 2011, 15:16 Quote
Duke Nukem Forever, Thief 4 and Diablo III JUST NEED TO FREAKING COME OUT! I'm sick and tired of waiting for these games. Do I need to start threatening lives here?
Dogbert666 1st March 2011, 17:02 Quote
Well at least we know that if it's successful Activision will make up for the super long development time with a slew of sequels!
l3v1ck 1st March 2011, 20:58 Quote
One thing I liked about buying Duke Nuken 3D in the 90's was that you got Duke 1 & 2 on the CD as well.

They should tweak Duke Nuken 3D to fit modern screen resolutions and put that on the DN Forever DVD as a freebie.
davox 1st March 2011, 23:11 Quote
I just registered to say this:


My GOD, don't you people do some actual research before writting of this kind of uninformed crap?

3DREALMS sold the IP to Gearbox, no one took it from 3DR and handed it to anyone.
vampalan 1st March 2011, 23:20 Quote
kinda wondering what happened to mech warrior, i would guess that Duke took everyone away from it.
Kingsley813 2nd March 2011, 09:45 Quote
DNF = The new Daikatana.
leveller 2nd March 2011, 10:12 Quote
Cheers BT, good interview.

Can you grab a day with Valve soon? Would love to know all about their hardware/Steam ideas etc rather than any of their games. Seems they have much more in store for PC than we had imagined.
r3Q 2nd March 2011, 15:35 Quote
such a weird event to be part of. i used to play duke 3d on kalis ladder back on my 28k modem with my buddy justin in like 7th grade (i am now 25). the ironic thing is, that justin ordered a copy of DNF back in like 1999 or whenever he heard about it being announced and saved up the money to preorder it. unfortunatly he died in a car accident a few years ago and will never get to play it. RIP racerx (it was his alias).
thehippoz 2nd March 2011, 18:15 Quote
=E sorry to hear r

sexist? he was duke stuffing dollars down strippers panties..
HourBeforeDawn 2nd March 2011, 20:06 Quote
lol sounds like he put enough wording into to cover his ass in case the game fails he can fall back on well all we did was finish what 3d realms did so its not our fault lol.

Also I really hope PhysX isnt in this and they took a different approach most of the other offerings out there are far better then PhysX.
haloumis 4th March 2011, 02:24 Quote
What's Changed?

I will answer that, well after 15 years i have a family and i am passing my pre-middle life crisis. I almost forgot how the last Duke Nukem was even though i finished it many, many,….., many times and i don't have time to play anymore.

Maybe i will buy the next version for the kid...maybe not. You wouldn't buy a sexist game for your kids now days, would you? It’s not politically correct.

Bad luck for this development company, whatever their name was. You are not getting money from me.

Maybe I will buy for Christmas for my buddy Nick. We used to play that together. He kind of followed Dukes life style. He is a sexist, single construction worker now with a lot of time to spare. Can you developer postpone the release day until Christmas 2011?

This is not fictional, 15 later Nick still talks about Duke Nukem but cannot afford a new PC and I don’t have time for games. The original fanbase is not there anymore stop writing about how excited people are for this release.
Gradius 5th March 2011, 15:50 Quote
I never played this game before, guess will play this one.
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