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rickysio 2nd February 2011, 08:27 Quote
If I have the time between Chinese New Year festivities, I shall have to try this.
Journeyer 2nd February 2011, 08:49 Quote
Well colour me interested... I just may have to pick this one up and add to my growing pile of games I've yet to get to play.
Devolve 2nd February 2011, 09:32 Quote
This review is bob on. A really good game, over-complicated. I end up playing it like all fighting titles (street fighter and the likes) by button mashing.
The only spell i've memorised is revive, seeing as I often kill my team-mates.
logonui 2nd February 2011, 09:59 Quote
Can't seem to get enough of this game at the moment. I have found that the same spells get used more than others purely because (as the review says) you just don't get enough time to construct the more complicated ones. Still a lot of fun though!
Yslen 2nd February 2011, 10:46 Quote
It worries me that anyone would play this game by mashing buttons. You can create insanely powerful spells with just a bit of thought, then just memorise your favourite combinations. Inevitably the game throws something new at you and you're forced to diversify, but that's the fun of it. It makes you think on your feet, which is so much better than mindlessly pressing buttons and looking at pretty lights.

It's little wonder games are becoming overly simplistic when something even as refined and elegant as the casting system in this game leads to cries of "it's too complicated!".
Slavedriver 2nd February 2011, 11:59 Quote
Frustration? The best part of this game is in missing that spell combo and unleashing a nuke on your friend. It's always fun. Especially when you try to beam heal him and he uses an arcane beam at the same time and they cross :)
kosch 2nd February 2011, 12:18 Quote
Bought this game last weekend for me and GF. Yes it can be complicated and frustrating at times but pulling off a mega spell combo its very satisifying. With a few more tweaks the game will be great.

Also I love the irrervant intermingling of different cult classics into the story. Anyone else got the Rambo Machine gun yet? :)
jimbok11 2nd February 2011, 13:10 Quote
seems like a steal at just £7...well, fairly priced at least!!

Can you not create spell macros on appropriate keyboard, or is there no macro support?
wiggles 2nd February 2011, 13:31 Quote
1. Its not that hard to cast the spells and you only need about 5 combos to complete the game.
2. This game has loads of bugs, you are buying a beta.
3. The performance of the game is very poor, even on good machines.
4. Steam had a demo, probably still does.
5. The enemies do not scale with the number of players in co-op play. Single player this game is too easy once you figure it out, multi-player, I expect, is trivial. I haven't played it multi yet though.

I'd wait and buy this later so you can play a finished title, possibly with your friends.
seedleon 2nd February 2011, 14:12 Quote
Looks like a fun co-op PC game. It's quite rare to get one of these that doesn't involve shooting zombies! Having said that, I'll wait for the inevitable Steam sale on this to pick it up anyway
Centy-face 2nd February 2011, 14:14 Quote
This was gifted to me last week by a friend desperate to coop with someone but upon our first attempt the bugs crashing had us giving up the big ones seem to be fixed it runs smooth now and doesn't steal all my upload just hosting a game.
However I just haven't been able to get into the game. It's certainly fun but the controls just fall about all over and I just cannot get to grips with it without macros. The most fun I had was randomly going mad and unleashing the biggest spell I could think of on my friends but it just lacks something right now. Hopefully it will turn out to be one of those games I end up playing while bored one sunday afternoon and it all just clicks for me.
PingCrosby 2nd February 2011, 15:09 Quote
Damn....I thought they'd finally made a game with Stanley Baxter in it.....oh well.
kosch 2nd February 2011, 21:07 Quote
*cough cough* marco support does work
roblikesbeer 2nd February 2011, 23:00 Quote
Tsk, it should be obvious that you don't cross the streams!
deathtaker27 3rd February 2011, 02:14 Quote
cross the streams when there at the enemy, it is good fun ;)
DarkLord7854 3rd February 2011, 23:51 Quote
Originally Posted by roblikesbeer
Tsk, it should be obvious that you don't cross the streams!

Always cross the streams, except with opposite elements.. it gets explosive if you do :p

Sounds like you guys took the game pretty seriously when doing the review, maybe a bit too seriously. The fun is in blowing everything up, especially your friends :p
iwog 9th February 2011, 14:51 Quote
Me + Friend + Vent = many laughs. Especially when I discover the knock back beam (2-4 water + lots of arcane depending on level of knock back required) and he clipped it with some form of lightening beam in front of an enemy horde. Meaty chunks rained from the sky as did a set of wizard robes when we tried it again :)
Kiytan 22nd February 2011, 16:51 Quote
Lightning + arcane + cold = HADOUKEN! death ray. probably my favourite spell.

It is a fun game, just experimenting to see what kind of fun effects you can do.
[-Stash-] 12th April 2011, 21:09 Quote
On Steam sale right now - I'm interested enough for £3.99 to give it a try I think :)
Sankia 13th April 2011, 12:02 Quote
Bought this game today (and if anybody wants it, it is currently 50% off!), not usually my kind of thing but for £3, it's pretty damn good!
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