My Game Dev Story

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leveller 26th January 2011, 06:41 Quote
Funny article :D

Resource games have gotten too in-depth and tedious so GDS is a welcome time killer and like the others I'm also waiting for part 2.
Waynio 26th January 2011, 13:46 Quote
Sounds a game I'll never play but would if I could, I don't like mobiles as they tend to make people rude (not to mention the latest must have model every month :D) so I'll never see such a game lol.
tyepye 28th January 2011, 10:35 Quote
So I have stuck with PC games. I have had multiple #1 games. Including 4 in my Action Pirate series Swashbuckler 1-4. Number 3 in the series scored highest with 36 points (you guys should play it, it's amazing :D)

The only thing that is eluding me is the Game of the Year award. In my final year and have one more game to make. Fingers crossed I can get it!
Tulatin 3rd February 2011, 15:18 Quote
It's a shame this discussion died so quickly. The one thing I found to the game is that by the time you do a 3rd run, it becomes laughably easy. Perhaps thanks to a few bugs:

If you hire someone without first firing someone, the game will do two things - one, it'll ask you to can somebody. Two, it won't charge you that person's contract fee. This is useful for bulking up on hackers.

It also seems to have a massive "screw you" mode. I've seriously had a game suffer a power failure, equipment failure, and very similar game sold (F1 Audiobook on my own console, REALLY?), all within a few % of finished.

Plus, my company has 1.5 billion dollars. You mean to tell me we can't afford UPS units for a few computers, nor can we have redundant equipment to deter failure? Sheesh.
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