Splatterhouse Review

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kenco_uk 3rd December 2010, 13:15 Quote
'Tis the season to be coloured unimpressive. The premise of the game looked okay, but after reading this review it's confirmed for me that it trips over before the first blood-spattered hurdle.
Teq 3rd December 2010, 13:22 Quote
The orignal wasn't great but it was a fun trip down memory lane...
Blademrk 3rd December 2010, 13:22 Quote
I'd always wanted to play the original on the Mega Drive, looks like the remake is one to skip then.
fingerbob69 3rd December 2010, 14:08 Quote
"within each level slices of a naked picture of Rick's girlfriend Jen."

Is it a naked photo or a photo of someone naked? :o)

As for the rest of game's a console only, so who cares?
FelixTech 3rd December 2010, 18:34 Quote
Wow. Poker night at the Inventory must be bad if it's worse than this!!!
Hovis 4th December 2010, 05:16 Quote
The original was kind of important in gaming history because of the violence, and specifically the emphasis on the brutal violence as kind of the unique selling point. But the thing is that importance has diminished. I mean you're employing brutal violence against random beasts, not recognisably human, and they are trying to kill you. Even several years ago in GTA Vice City you could take a chainsaw to members of the general public. Splatter House is so far behind the violence curve it's unique selling point is moot. It's a crossbow in a room full of machine guns.

That they failed to deliver on the gameplay is just the icing on the failcake to be honest. That's the first order of business right there.
lacuna 6th December 2010, 12:53 Quote
looks like fun to me. I like the 'fight club' mini-game in Saints Row and this reminds me of that so maybe when its ~£4 I will get it
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