Revoltec Fightpad Advanced

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Javerh 16th June 2007, 12:50 Quote
Another gamer thingie with no lefty support. Good thing it seems quite irrelevant.
Agent_M 16th June 2007, 20:41 Quote
it looks like its more for left handed use due to the button that says jump being on the right, for your thumb i assume. but as there aren't any pictures of it with a hand on i can only imagine how a hand actually sits on it.

other than the lack of pictures of it in use, was a nice review and a nice product, i don't really get the usefulness of these, because keyboards have far more keys on them, you just need a program to allow you to set macros on any keys :)
Javerh 16th June 2007, 21:41 Quote
But if you're a lefty you'd probably use your mouse with your left hand... The jump is a no no with your pinky.
g3n3tiX 16th June 2007, 21:46 Quote
I'm "lucky" lefty : I write, hold a racket, eat, and son on with my left hand, while my right hand is holding the mouse...The best of both worlds !
DXR_13KE 16th June 2007, 21:50 Quote
i demand a picture with a hand!!!! :p
anyway i think this device is pointless.....
Bluephoenix 17th June 2007, 03:19 Quote
I'll stick with my Saitek Pro Command Pad.

same principle, but has the powerful saitek programming software, which is probably the finest piece of macro software in existence.

If Bit has the time to review this then reviewing the saitek is a must.

as for the use of pads like these, the main draw for me was as an easy way to stop having issues remembering keyboard shortcuts, and also for faster editing and manipulation of objects in CAD (the thumbstick on the saitek acts like a view hat)
simosaurus 17th June 2007, 12:44 Quote
why would anyone use this, its more limiting than a keyboard where u can just move i duno, 3 inches and reach another 40 buttons
leexgx 17th June 2007, 18:11 Quote
there are better game pads then this
Spaceraver 17th June 2007, 20:16 Quote
Hmm.. Contemplating making my own really.. None appeal to me as they are anyways. And as for software... Saitek does have it available for DL right. Or there are alternatives. :)
Bluephoenix 17th June 2007, 22:27 Quote
the saitek software is for saitek devices only (unless you make your device to use the saitek magicmouse and other saitek HID drivers)

the pro command pad only cost me $30 off of newegg, and is extremely useful.

the one thing to watch is that if you have other saitek devices make sure they're all using concurrent driver versions, so that the software (which is one for all saitek devices) recognizes both of them.

I initally did some head-scratching when my X52 Pro stopped being recognized on install of the pad; until I got the newest drivers for both with the newest version of the software, then all was fine.
Neogumbercules 18th June 2007, 01:58 Quote
Does Revoltek send you these products to review even after you've given almost everything from them a bad review?
CardJoe 18th June 2007, 10:28 Quote
I don't think this is really a bad review. Its a good product if its what you're interested in, but not noteworthy enough to warrant the money from most gamers. The same is true of the keyboard.
completemadness 18th June 2007, 22:48 Quote
it seems revoltec's products generally seem high on promise, but in reality they just don't measure up ?
CardJoe 19th June 2007, 09:05 Quote
The main problem is they just feel like cheap versions of better products.
Bluephoenix 19th June 2007, 15:35 Quote
yep, saitek's and logitech's

I really want to see a comparison between some saitek and logitech joysticks.

they both have great offerings, but which is better? (my money says saitek)
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