Gaming keyboard head-to-head

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oddball walking 19th May 2007, 13:21 Quote
You use the E to reload I usually use the R and the E for use. Good review :)
Spacecowboy92 19th May 2007, 13:32 Quote
I use a logitech internet navigator that i just finished painting. It works fine for me.
capnPedro 19th May 2007, 13:36 Quote
G15 fo' life.

I just wish there were more applets available for the LCD, though. The SDK is OK, but persuading my favorite game makers to integrate it is a little tricky.

And don't get me started on scraping log files to do it yourself!
konsta 19th May 2007, 13:39 Quote
Frankly, I would just feel a little ashamed to have either of these on my desk - they both look pretty revolting to me. I prefer to have something a little sleeker - the new Dinovo would be my ideal, if only it had a numpad. The MS Wireless entertainment desktop 8000 also looks quite nice, though unfortunately the same caveat applies vis numpad.
Nix 19th May 2007, 13:45 Quote
I think this head to head was quite rubbish. You did really need a gaming keyboard 'tournament' as it were and compare much more then 2 of the gaming keyboards out there. Keyboards such as the Z-Board and the Wolfclaw/Wolfking.
LeMaltor 19th May 2007, 13:58 Quote
How many keys can you hold down before they lock up and wont accept input from more keys? If i missed this info sorry, my eyes r screwed at moment and vision is b0rked lol
DXR_13KE 19th May 2007, 14:51 Quote
the only thing i can say is: that razer keyboard is twice the price in the UK than in the US......
and to give that amount of cash for a keyboard...... i think it is to much.

edit: anyone know any news about that cool keyboard were each key is a small screen?
CardJoe 19th May 2007, 14:57 Quote
We did try to get hold of a Zboard too, but the company wouldn't get back to us. As it is we think it's better to review over time, constantly looking back at the best boards of the past, such as the G15.

We could of course give you a massive, 100 page long article covering 25 keyboards, but what would be the point? You'd have to wait for about 3 months to get it and it would obsolete soon after that. There was a similar review I saw mentioned in GD a few weeks ago where a man spent a year doing a review of over 100 PSU's. The result was an unfeasibly long review that nobody read all of and which was soon out of date.
Veles 19th May 2007, 15:05 Quote
Man, how hard is it to make a gaming keyboard? Sure there are good ones out there, but theres no keyboard that really "perfect", i.e. combines great feature like you get on the logitech keyboard with the quality keys you get on keyboard made by people like Cherry.
Dr. Strangelove 19th May 2007, 15:59 Quote
hmm one question.. how many here actually use "gaming" keyboards? My all time favorite keyboard (the one I'm currently hoping will never die) came along with HP desktop computers some years ago (I bought them for the company I worked for and swapped a keyboard or two for my self). It's just a standard keyboard (only feature is volume up and down buttons) but it has a great feel, and works a treat. But then i guess I'm not a real hardcore gamer...
CardJoe 19th May 2007, 16:03 Quote
got a g15 at home, and the razer still in the office
steveo_mcg 19th May 2007, 16:15 Quote
Originally Posted by Dr. Strangelove
hmm one question.. how many here actually use "gaming" keyboards? My all time favorite keyboard (the one I'm currently hoping will never die) came along with HP desktop computers some years ago

i'm with you, i used my basic HP keyboard for years both for gamin and for general use (got me through uni). But the left ctrl key died making sneak games more than a little difficult. Got the cheapest microsoft wired keyboard its realy comfortable, and only has a few extras (media keys) well worth a look if your only looking for a basic keyboard.
eek 19th May 2007, 16:22 Quote
Originally Posted by DXR_13KE
edit: anyone know any news about that cool keyboard were each key is a small screen?
You mean this one? Slightly pricey I feel ;)
plug_in_ross 19th May 2007, 16:28 Quote
Saitek Eclipse! ;)
wafflesomd 19th May 2007, 17:47 Quote
$10 logitech office elite.

Still my fav.
Fatboy 19th May 2007, 19:08 Quote
That razer looks absolutely rank. Stupid glowy lights and gay tiny buttons. Oh and they removed the iTrendy dock and put on some poop Batledock, whoa.

i think Razer should stick to mice.

The Revoltec could do with a little bit of better styling but it has the right keyboardy shape (lol) has the awesome macros and isnt going to RAEP your wallet.
Spaceraver 19th May 2007, 21:47 Quote
Where is the old school clickety-click ones with a real spring and steel in them. Those were almost perfect and very hard to kill. The weight is another concern. :) I'f id have to choose the ultimate keyboard it would be a mix between those oldschool ones and the G11. What do you really need that LCD on the G15 for anyways? It's a showoff thing that takes RAM, and diverts my attetion from my screen. :)
Tim S 19th May 2007, 21:53 Quote
The Steel Series keyboard was pretty indestructible, until Wil decided to smash his fist into it during a game of CS :D
TTmodder 19th May 2007, 22:13 Quote
I''l stick with my logitech internet navigator 2001 se. or just buy an ps/2 to at adapter and pay the local computer scrap yard a little visit in search for an oldschool keyboard. Maybe they are not as confortable, but they are nice to use, and you wouldn't press an key by accident with those.
yodasarmpit 19th May 2007, 22:20 Quote
The fact that Razer charge more than double to those of us in the UK compared to those in the US, would encourage me to tell them where to stick it.
evilgreenie 19th May 2007, 23:36 Quote
LOL -I notice the company selling the Logitech G11 at 28 quid has bumped the price up since the review.. still cheap, but not the bargain it was..

So why wasn't there a full 2 page review of the Logitech keyboards alongside the others - you seem to have the info..
The_Templar 20th May 2007, 00:52 Quote
It seems to me that Razer are just nasty.. No backlit keys to encourage battle-lamp? Hideous price, double in Britain? And tbh they don't even seem to be offering that much...

I'll stick with my Saitek Eclipse.. (red backlit yay!)

But the only keyboard that review made me even think of without disgust was the unreviewed Logitech one...
The_Beast 20th May 2007, 01:08 Quote
I don't like either one, they are both kinda ugly
Tyinsar 20th May 2007, 01:29 Quote
"Revoltec" :) nice name
Originally Posted by Article
WASD for movement will work for everyone I’m sure
Not if you're a lefty like me - I have to remap keys in almost every game

I think I'd like the Tarantula if it wasn't so HUGE (& expensive).
Originally Posted by LeMaltor
How many keys can you hold down before they lock up and wont accept input from more keys? ...
^^ IMHO no "gaming" keyboard review is complete without that. - I'm too lazy to look it up at the moment but if I recall correctly the Tarantula is pretty good in this area.

I think I'll stick with my fairly compact (the [insert], [del], [pgup], & [pgdn] keys are in a vertical line & the arrow keys are a little lower so the whole thing ends up being narrower) older IBM keyboard - plus it lets me use 5 keys at once ;)

Edit: ;) Kudos to both companies for putting programmable keys down the right side also - as a lefty I remap keys to the numpad so macro keys in that area is great.
completemadness 20th May 2007, 01:43 Quote
why does the number of keys you can press at the same time matter that much - as long as its like 3, the max most things support in a mapping - well actually lets say 4, 2 directions, plus 2 other keys

the G15 will do 6 (well i just pressed 7 random keys and it stops noticing on the 7th key)

however, this is flawed anyway, because the keyboard is set into sections, and it depends what sections you press together, and for eg, the g15, you cant do a popular combination (ctrl alt shift left ???)

I think the Different keys on the revoltec is interesting, but it fails miserably, the optimus keyboard is a good idea, but far too expensive to be practical

Honestly, i think macro keys are more pointless then the LCD, i find the LCD to be very useful while gaming, in fact could really do with 2 or 3
But macro keys, are really only useful for Office work, in games (at least online) the likelihood that lagg might occur, is just too much of a risk, and suddenly your entire macro is screwed

Also, on the "sound" the revoltec produces, personally i think that's a good thing, a keyboard with a distinct "click" when you press a button is good, at least of office work, because you know you have actually pressed the key, one of the most popular keyboards of all time was that IBM one, which a very distinct click on every key press, but as its more expensive to make a keyboard like that, the soft key keyboard became popular
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