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topher 7th December 2006, 11:49 Quote
What about the Microsoft Habu mouse is it any good? Has anyone got one yet i was thinking of ordering one.
Piddu 7th December 2006, 12:04 Quote
yeah habu is missing and also the i.e. 3.0 wich is still one of the most used mouse and there is a new version too...
Garside 7th December 2006, 12:11 Quote
We are planning to do a Microsoft Habu versus Logitech Revolution as a separate article in the near future!
zr_ox 7th December 2006, 12:12 Quote
Why no G7, arguably the best mouse out there.
Reason.Renegade 7th December 2006, 12:12 Quote
No the habu is a poor mouse, skips at high dpi and doesnt perform very well, looks good though and feels ok, personally its either a Logitech G5, G3 or a MS3.0 (just been re released).

Regarding the test im surprised that it was a bit of a mis match as some of those mice have been on the market a long time plus there was no consistancy in the review, for example you had a cordless mouse in with wired mice, you had mice that had weights and some that didnt have that feature and then there were loads of mice missing from the review. I test gaming surfaces on a daily basis and i have pretty much most mice on the market (and some not) im just surprised there was no depth to this review as it could have been so much better.

One other thing that i was shocked about in this review was the pictures, not the quality but the hand in the picture for me personally seeing someones chewed nails and split skin (on the thumb) showed no professionalism and that the article was rushed.

This is not an attack on bit-tech but its not what i expect from you guys as your standards are always so high.
Omnituens 7th December 2006, 12:12 Quote
I prefer my Razer Diamondback over the G3.
g3n3tiX 7th December 2006, 12:14 Quote
Polytetrafluoroethylene (try saying that three times quickly)

Teflon, Teflon Teflon !! (commercial name)

Great review, but I feel it's mising some mice.
DougEdey 7th December 2006, 12:18 Quote
Whats Lambdatek like in terms of shipping/Customer service
specofdust 7th December 2006, 12:20 Quote
Have to complain about the lack of MX518 when there's an MX1000 in there, sorry :D
knyghtryda 7th December 2006, 12:48 Quote
I'm using a mx1000 right now, but my choice for one of the best gaming and all around mice would have to be the mx300 or mx310. For twitchy games this mouse was king. It just kinda hurt the fingers if you played for an extended period though...
M4RTIN 7th December 2006, 12:52 Quote
i love my mx1000 very heavy for a mouse but it means it doesnt skip about when doing fine lines on photoshop
Almightyrastus 7th December 2006, 13:15 Quote
In terms of gaming i am mostly into RTS and RPGs such as oblivion, I use the MX1000 and have done since its release. The only problems i have are the battery running out but then again that is more my fault for not watching the very clear display on the side and the fact that the feet are not great in that the level of friction is quite high. I think some teflon tape and a decent mouse mat might be in order.

Other than those two things I cannot fault the mouse at all, great sensitivity, easy customisation through software and very very comfy to use plus no cable to snag and drag on the desk, something i find very noticeable if using a conventional wired one at any time.
Fr4nk 7th December 2006, 13:36 Quote
Originally Posted by zr_ox
Why no G7, arguably the best mouse out there.
My mates uncle has the G7 he hates it its too flat tbh, I use the MX1000 which has served me very well but I'll probably get a revolution.
kenco_uk 7th December 2006, 13:47 Quote
G7 for me. Btw Ryan, the link to LambdaTek on the G3 page is spelt incorrectly :)
Tulatin 7th December 2006, 14:01 Quote
To each their own in the world of mice. Personally, I'd go nuts trying to use the Fata1ity mouse; too small! For me, the Razers are a perfect fit, just sit your hand back a little so that your fingers lay flat on the buttons!
Garside 7th December 2006, 14:14 Quote
Thanks Kenco!
PA!N 7th December 2006, 15:30 Quote
Originally Posted by Garside
We are planning to do a Microsoft Habu versus Logitech Revolution as a separate article in the near future!

Great, those were the two mice I was missing in the test ;)
LoveJoy 7th December 2006, 15:45 Quote
As I suspected logitch rules in mice market
Veer 7th December 2006, 15:51 Quote
G5, mx510, razorback are missing. 1000 is old now, looking at the dpi i don't think it's half as good as the new logitech gaming mice that are out.
Tyinsar 7th December 2006, 16:36 Quote
I have several trackballs, mice, and a couple of touchpads - I always enjoy reviews of pointing devices (sort of an addiction of mine). What criteria did you use when selecting mice to review?

Your biggest beefs with the Krait could be fixed by going to a Diamondback or Copperhead. I love my Copperhead but wouldn't buy a Krait for gaming.

The Fatal1ty mouse looked interesting to me (I've tried one and think I'd like it - if they made a lefty version) but how can you hold it like that? I have at least average size hands and even on an average MS mouse my palm doesn't come that close to the mouse - uncurl / straiten your fingers some.

Edit: see post #28
Veles 7th December 2006, 16:50 Quote
The Krait is basically the poor man's Diamondback/Copperhead, but that wouldn't have made good advertising. One thing I do hate about my diamondback (and the copperhead) is the buttons on the right hand side of the mouse are useless to me, trying to press one of them with my pinky finger is awkward and isn't quick like the thumb buttons.

I would consider a Logitech mouse but mouse with my fingers and a large mouse like that just feels wrong to my hands. I wouldn't mind a wireless mouse if I found one I liked, it had no lag, and had a charging dock so I didn't empty my bank paying for batteries since with all the crap on my desk, my mouse cord gets snagged quite alot.
Mother-Goose 7th December 2006, 17:02 Quote
Why no G5 either? It is a pro gaming mouse right?!
zachjowi 7th December 2006, 18:29 Quote
I have seen the Creative mouse for free at I have the G7 and G5 for gaming
Spaceraver 7th December 2006, 19:00 Quote
i think ill keep my G5 for a while... i like the arching of it all though i have very lagre hands... this mouse is still a wee small, so putty is the key to success... will get to that when i mod the rest too :)
OtakuHawk 7th December 2006, 19:08 Quote
I use a razer copperhead, and highly reccomend it.
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