SteelSeries Gaming Kit

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dire_wolf 12th September 2006, 10:28 Quote
Finally, a keyboard capable of withstanding the wrath of MDK! :)
Krikkit 12th September 2006, 10:30 Quote
Glad someone agrees about the Steelpad, I love mine to bits. :)
Leitchy 12th September 2006, 11:47 Quote
I've been using the 2mm Steel pad for a few months now (came free with a mouse) and is brilliant, just enough friction on the surface to give you good control
will. 12th September 2006, 11:55 Quote
i want one, but my desk is so friggin tiny i have to use a peice of A4 with the top cut off.
eek 12th September 2006, 12:11 Quote
Sweet, just about to put an order in for the Steelpad mini... it's hardly mini though at 21cmx25cm!! Why are mouse mats so big these days!

Anyway, I love this quote from their site:
"The highly durable plastic gives a consistent experience which gets better over time."
I'd like to see how it gives a consistent experience and one that gets better over time! Somewhat contradictory I feel!!

Your order: EUR 6.95
Shipping & Handling EUR 8.45

grrr!! I think I'll place my order on hold for now, not sure I want to pay more for postage than the item is worth!!
Bindibadgi 12th September 2006, 12:21 Quote
The heavy isnt a mouse mat, it's a training mat people use in martial arts.
whisperwolf 12th September 2006, 12:23 Quote
Any reason why there are no prices for the mouse mats in the review. Im lazy and can't be bothered searching their site
r4tch3t 12th September 2006, 12:48 Quote
Has anyone tried the Zalman Theater 6 headphones? I have found them to be the most usefull headphones for CS as it provides surround sound, a bit bulky though.
That keyboard can also be dual purpose, both gaming keyboard and vandel resistant.
Garside 12th September 2006, 14:13 Quote
Some of the products haven't officially been released but there are prices in the review, usually in euros (thats the prices on the site).
NeMoD 12th September 2006, 14:58 Quote
maybe the gaming glove wouldn't of been so uncomfortable if you wore it right :p
Garside 12th September 2006, 15:04 Quote
That is how I wore it :)

It's the bit between the little finger and your middle finger that is most uncomfrtable. It just doesn't sit right at all!

Perhaps a velvet glove would have been better? Or silk? :)
Fod 12th September 2006, 15:49 Quote
really? the pic in the review shows you putting your index finger through the thumb part...
Garside 12th September 2006, 16:06 Quote
Ah I see that is misleading! Wil took all of our shots and that is his lovely hand modelling the glove! I actually used the glove and reviewed it, and I wore it based on how it was demonstrated on the site.
Raymus 12th September 2006, 16:35 Quote
Good review. Glad this came up. Im in the market for a new mousepad. Problem is the ratpadz I have now wears down too fast and is too wide for my keyboard drawr. Anyone know where I can get a quality mouse pad in the US smaller then a ratpadz?
DarkReaper 12th September 2006, 17:20 Quote
Garside (or whoever reviewed the cloth mat) - have you tried the everglide titan before? The two look similar so I'm wondering if the feel/performance is also similar
CowBlazed 12th September 2006, 17:30 Quote
Are there any cheaper decent headphones simmilar to the ones Steel offers? Built in mic and all.
olly_lewis 12th September 2006, 17:35 Quote
Looks like a great set of products, especially the keyboard, its minimal, and stylish as well as looking the part... But the rest of it is top-notch too, I have to get one of those gaming gloves, pointless but cool...
Garside 12th September 2006, 18:18 Quote
DarkReaper - I have to say I haven't my experience with cloth mats is fairly limited as in Europe nearly all gamers use hard surfaces. I will certainly try and and have a look at the Everglide though. Thanks for mentioning it.
ozstrike 12th September 2006, 19:12 Quote
I've tried one of those gloves on before, and it wasn't too uncomfortable for me. It did do a good job of letting your wrist slide over the pad, but overall, it just got annoying after a while.
Emon 12th September 2006, 19:32 Quote
Something like a half-fingered, lycra (spandex) glove for biking might work really well. A lot of them have suede palms, but it can't be hard to find one made of all lycra. It would slide damn well I think.
sl1xx 12th September 2006, 20:07 Quote
glove wtf thats ott and the keyboard looks box standard but the map/mouse and headphones looked well worth getting ty for review
yahooadam 12th September 2006, 20:52 Quote
I have to ask

with all the negative comments about everything

Headphones didn't sound too good, extra keys on keyboard were pointless, glove sucked, mouse cord holder was pointless

How on earth did it get a recommended sticker, perhaps you should re-evaluate how you judge what gets these stickers, because you had so much negative to say about it, i don't understand how recommended sticker is placed on this

No offence guys, but everything you review seems to get a positive sticker ....

Other then that, the mouse mat looks cool :)
Tim S 12th September 2006, 22:22 Quote
The recommended sticker is for the extra large cloth mousemat. It has it underneath.
yahooadam 12th September 2006, 23:16 Quote
Originally Posted by Tim S
The recommended sticker is for the extra large cloth mousemat. It has it underneath.
missed that one :( silly me
LockmanX 12th September 2006, 23:45 Quote
I remember testing the older version of those headphones a few months ago. My biggest complaint was how painful they were to wear even after just 15 minutes. It's nice to see that addressed. Another thing I'd like to note is that little USB sound card they make. Its horrible. In battlefield 2, I was getting killed and having people on teamspeak yell things like "How did you not hear that guy shooting at us?!?!" I also track enemies in chopper/plane dofights by sound and was completely unable to od so. Music and movies on it was hopeless.

Steel Series isn't all bad though. I won one of the S&S hard pads at a LAN about a year ago and now I can't play on anything else. I even convinced my boss to outfit the office and stations at the store with them ('course it helps that he's a gamer himself). Funny thing is, we occasionally have people come in and want to use thier own pads. More often than not they slap down a Qck Heavy
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