World Series of Videogames by 4Kings

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Nature 13th July 2006, 21:46 Quote
No Tekken 5? No King of Fighters 98'? No Starcraft?

In Japan Tekken5 is where the competition is at. Arcades in Tokyo are ruthless. There isn't a game more international and representitive than tekken.

And I've noticed a trend in countries like China and Mexico where the out-dated arcade machines are soup-ed up with all the king of fighters series. It's very popular.

These are incredibly popular games "everywhere".
Marquee 14th July 2006, 01:12 Quote
I find Intel is the most dumbest people ever. They left the sponsor of CPL to go to this. WOW INTEL PEOPLE are loosing it.
Kipman725 14th July 2006, 12:10 Quote
seems too "branded" kind of sold out to the sponsers. If they want to be a serious compotition they should be dictating the terms not allowing everything to be changed at a sponsers whim. I mean "intell summer championship" says it all rearly/
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