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korhojoa 1st June 2006, 17:39 Quote
Hell YES!
Episode One is going to ROCK!

I would actually buy it, and play it right now, but I have too much of a crappy computer. :(

Maybe when DX10 arrives... :D

EDIT2: holy crap that was fast:
"Today, 19:38 #1
"Today, 19:39 #2
1 minute :P
oasked 1st June 2006, 18:01 Quote
Dammit, I didn't pre-load it, and the website to pre-order has been dead all day. :(

However, I do have a lot of imminent exams so this is a good thing.... or at least thats what I have to convince myself :p
atanum141 1st June 2006, 18:03 Quote
jesus guys.....dont wet urself's
Fr4nk 1st June 2006, 18:04 Quote
Sort of preloading now, i forgot about it :/ ah well, 20% preloaded...
saeghwin 1st June 2006, 18:18 Quote
99.7% Preloaded.
[cibyr] 1st June 2006, 18:34 Quote
Stuck behind a bloody proxy server so there's no point even thinking about it... :'(
Ramble 1st June 2006, 19:00 Quote
Damn, since I can't afford it I'm just going to play some more Dystopia..
Firehed 1st June 2006, 19:11 Quote
Decrypting now... so happy that my worthless math class finished early.
Fr4nk 1st June 2006, 19:17 Quote
Anyone else getting rediculous download speeds, I'm gett liek 30kb/s most of the time on 10mbps connection, bloodly Valve :/

fargo 1st June 2006, 19:29 Quote
just got episode 1 unlocked and played some and let me tell you it looks great and the
color is much more vivid than in hl2 well back to the game!!!!!!!!
otispunkmeyer 1st June 2006, 19:35 Quote
well im ****ed

steam has just upped and decied that i have no installed games what so ever, even though i still have HL2, lost coast and CS:S installed on my machine. steam wont let me play any of them, lists them all as not installed.

non of the pop ups with links work, my pre load of HL2 EP1 seems to have vanished and isnt listed within steam

what a crock of ****, the same old story from valve....
Herr_SturmGeist 1st June 2006, 20:16 Quote
The horror of getting a decent inernet connection in a 3rd world country... I have a few hours of Pre-loading left even though I've started last week. :'(
Strategy 1st June 2006, 20:17 Quote
Why is page 2 of the review blank?
Nature 1st June 2006, 20:18 Quote
This game looks better than all the tostada's in China...
WilHarris 1st June 2006, 20:22 Quote
Originally Posted by Strategy
Why is page 2 of the review blank?

Sorry. You might get a glitch every now and again, since we're adding pages and comments on the fly as we go.
DarkLord7854 1st June 2006, 20:24 Quote
Ack.. where's the pic of the guy with the jaw snapped off?

Edit: nvm it's up
Lazlow 1st June 2006, 20:31 Quote
Nice style Wil, keeps us that don't have it (yet) in the picture.

Interested to see how long it does last - and the screenshots make it more and more enticing.
hitman012 1st June 2006, 20:34 Quote
This looks quite good - the graphics are certainly a step forward. What sort of FPS are you seeing on the 7900?
Kipman725 1st June 2006, 20:43 Quote
lol I'm liking that on the fly artical style it's very original

anyone else getting very slow steam download speeds, i'm getting 4kb/s on my 1mb/s DSL connection at the moment having just bought episode 1 :(
Firehed 1st June 2006, 20:49 Quote
I'm playing now, onto the third chapter. It's fairly fast-playing, but so far I'm thinking I'll go for a few runs through like I did with HL2. Plays quite smoothly (probably 30fps min, I haven't noticed any choppiness but can't say I've been running an hour+ FRAPS benchmark either) with my setup (see sig) at 1920x1200 2xAA 4xAF HDR, and looks quite nice too.

Alas, work today :( I tried to cheat Steam like I did with Lost Coast by setting my clock ahead to past midnight, only to be foiled by a 10am release (or whenever it was, I was at school). Gah. At least all is running smoothly.
Hamish 1st June 2006, 21:09 Quote
did anyone else see this in game and immediately think "lol sky goatse!" or was it just me?

i played the first bit (up to the van 'ride') just to get a feel for it on my current card (x800xl :p) so i can compare to playing it on max settings with my x1900xt when it arrives :D :D :D
DarkLord7854 1st June 2006, 21:10 Quote
Anyone wanna to let me borrow their steam account so I can play it? :p :D
kenco_uk 1st June 2006, 21:20 Quote
Argh. Unlocked okay, but still downloading the game files. Goddamn it's slow.
yahooadam 1st June 2006, 21:23 Quote
and i completed it, i didnt start till 6:25 either lol

i had a break so i recon i completed it in like 2 and a half hours

Oh yeh i thought it was pretty dissapointing, only like 1 new monster, The game is pretty short ....

the game is rather predictable, and as allways the puzzles are far too easy to figure out
Lazlow 1st June 2006, 21:31 Quote
Originally Posted by Article
Right, 10 minute break to go to the bathroom and get a drink. Perhaps my next upgrade should be a Level 10 Bladder of Holding.

That's the only thing that annoys me with gaming. Especially when you're playing an online fps or MMORPG, as toilet breaks have to be taken and they ruin your pvp.
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