Liveblogging HL2: Episode One


And with that, we're off to bed. It's been almost five hours exactly since I started playing, and the gameplay has been about 3.5 hours - the rest of it I've spent blogging! Check back first thing in the morning for our considered thoughts on how the game plays. For now though, I leave you with a couple of my favourite screens from the evenings playing. The first is what remains of City 17. The second is Barney handing over an old stalwart. Cheers!

Liveblogging HL2: Episode One Got 'im Liveblogging HL2: Episode One Got 'im


Well that's it. One last climatic firefight and I'm out of there. For once, Alyx is right when she thinks we'll survive. The ending is pretty sweet though - bit of a cliffhanger. City 17 looks like it is going into self-destruct, and there are a lot of ominous looking ships. Total lack of Breen, or weird alien bug things.

Oo, a trailer for Episode 2!

Eli Vance: "We're gun running. We're not going to lose the chance to take back our world." Quite right chaps.


Got 'im. My escortees don't look too confident in my abilities, though.

Liveblogging HL2: Episode One Got 'im Liveblogging HL2: Episode One Got 'im


I'm pinned down by an annoying sniper whilst on escort duty.

Escort duty is actually pretty cool, adds some variance to the gameplay. I've got to ferry other troops back and forth across a dangerous stretch of land, heading back to grab more when one lot is safe. Alyx is being about as much help as a chocolate tea pot, bless her, but Barney is helping. A bit. How on earth do I get this sniper? I nobbled the previous one with a grenade, but I don't think I can make it that close to him. Hmm.


Finally out of the hospital. Why am I in a hospital? Who knows, but it was pretty cool. Lots of zombies, lots of Combine and lots of watching them shoot the heck out of each other. Why is it that hospitals always have horrendous medical experiments in them that look nothing like they are for the benefit of patients?

The game has definitely picked up now. Plenty of shooting action and some cool set pieces. Even got to wield the rocket launcher for a bit. Rock(et) on.


Guys in the forums have already finished it. What!!? I've still got ages to go now, I think. I'm inside a hospital - how long left, lads?