Most Wanted Games of 2006

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snez 27th January 2006, 16:18 Quote
THANK YOU! My point exactly :)
woodshop 27th January 2006, 17:04 Quote
1- Oblivion- The Elder Scrolls Iv - it's just killer
2- ut2007
Kipman725 27th January 2006, 18:15 Quote
Please take duke nukem forever off, theres been no screen shots in years and theres no indication that it will come out this year if it ever does.

Also you missed flight simulatorX off :O thats definatly comming out this year and is far more worthy of been on the list than duke nukem forever that may never come out:
nimbu 27th January 2006, 18:19 Quote
Elite 4 if and when.... surposed to be this year.
Empire at war looks tasty
Stuey 27th January 2006, 18:29 Quote
You all are forgetting about STARGATE!! But from the way it's sluggishly progressing (if it is at all) it looks like the developers might be forgetting about it too, especially after last year's turmoil. =(
Rocket733 27th January 2006, 18:37 Quote
Elder Scrolls IV. The AI looks to substantially change gameplay along with incredible graphics and another good story line.
chemo 27th January 2006, 18:39 Quote
bully and possibly HL2 aftermath if it doesnt get released on crappy steam.
Hamish 27th January 2006, 18:48 Quote
Originally Posted by Stuey83
You all are forgetting about STARGATE!! But from the way it's sluggishly progressing (if it is at all) it looks like the developers might be forgetting about it too, especially after last year's turmoil. =(
meh its by jowood, its going to suck so im just pretending it doesnt exist :p
Garside 27th January 2006, 19:02 Quote
Hi guys, haven't posted on the forum before so nice to meet you all, glad some of you agreed with me on a few of the games, with so many titles coming out it is difficult to narrow down the ten most anticipated. Interesting to see so many people are looking forward to Quake Territory Wars, it was a game that got really close to sneaking in but I felt that with Battlefield 2 having been released last year it didn't look like it offered enough innovation or originality to get in.
Mister_Tad 27th January 2006, 19:40 Quote
Elder Scrolls 4 > *
Could cancel every other upcoming game for the next year for all I care, not like Ill be playing anything else for a good 8 months once it comes out.
J()£ 27th January 2006, 20:04 Quote
Ohhhhh, new half-life looks GOOD:D when does the new Farcry come out?
dragontail 27th January 2006, 20:06 Quote
Originally Posted by Mister_tad
Elder Scrolls 4 > *
Could cancel every other upcoming game for the next year for all I care, not like Ill be playing anything else for a good 8 months once it comes out.

Definately Elder Scrolls IV, it looks on target for a big hit. Now There's a true reason to update to a 4800+/7900GTX or 1900XT...
leviathan18 27th January 2006, 20:17 Quote
the godfatger
enemy territory
nevewinter 2
elder scroll 4
kye 27th January 2006, 20:44 Quote
I dont think about oblivion since it will make febuary go so, so slow. Then march comes then i get excited, but then i find out its coming out the 21st of march.
Mister_Tad 27th January 2006, 20:47 Quote
Originally Posted by kye
I dont think about oblivion since it will make febuary go so, so slow. Then march comes then i get excited, but then i find out its coming out the 21st of march.

until the end of march comes and you find out its coming in may
Stuey 27th January 2006, 22:38 Quote

I was under the impression that jowood was dropped or that jowood was doing the dropping. Either way, as of a few months ago, the project was in pieces.

BUT the new episodes feature an openning sequence that screams "rendered for the game".
automagsrock 27th January 2006, 22:44 Quote
Hey if you guys don't know, there is a demo of the new Star Wars game out. Just a headsup if you didn't already know :)
Muunsyr 28th January 2006, 03:18 Quote
-Last paragraph, "games for next year"?-

Anyways, I have to disagree with what's been chosen, you have said you avoided chosing games where the developers have been hesitant in giving release dates. But whats this about Duke Nukem? (I can't say that this game interests me that much, but I can see that it interests many, nevertheless, I would prefer another game take its spot.) As for Halo, it was mentioned in the article that it may not come out until 2007. Again I would much rather some other game.

I can't wait for Oblivion, which is not only going to be released this year, it has been officially said it will be launched in March. Can't trust this date for fear of another delay? Check out the Oblivion forums (, and you will notice that Pete Hines (PR, Bethesda) has been rather busy. He has said that they are winding up development.
I want to see STALKER, as this looks to be an interesting take on a single/multi player FPS. I hope this game is released this year, however, I am not getting my hopes up.
Spore looks interesting, UT2007 looks to be a blast, and those RTS games hold interest for me (to lazy to check the names of them.
speedfreek 28th January 2006, 03:40 Quote
With Aftermath coming out on a mon it will be real hard to make it in to work the rest of the week. UT2007 looks like it will be good and if a far cry 2 comes out that will be even better.

As for 3d realms the last game of theirs I played was shadow warrior, havent seen too much out from them in a while.
DarkLord7854 28th January 2006, 05:12 Quote

You guys seen the video of them showing it off? It's pretty darn amazing. I have it saved somewhere on my HD if anyone's interested I can upload it to my server, it's an hour long, mostly talks about the design and idea behind it but there's a good 25mins of amazing gameplay.
WilHarris 28th January 2006, 08:38 Quote
Have to say, if it was my list it would have had Elder SCrolls on it too. But hey, this is why we have discussion forums :D
Aankhen 28th January 2006, 10:13 Quote
Before I start on my list...

...let me finish with this. :)

A game about being a bully? Oh give me a break.
Another Halo game? Wasn't the announcement of the movie punishment enough?
Duke Nukem Forever? Eh heh. Heh. Heh. Hehe.

Right. Enough of that.

Most Wanted Games of 2006 and beyond?
  1. Unreal Tournament 2007. Been waiting with bated breath from the first day it was announced. Yes, I am an unabashed UT fanboy. :) I think "waiting for UT2007" has sorta become part of my identity. :|
  2. Supreme Commander. And I thought Total Annihilation was cool!
  3. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Everyone knows about the graphics. And the AI. And the... um... deer.
  4. Paraworld. Dinosaurs and weapons? In a strategy game? HRRROAAAARRRR!!!
  5. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Although I probably won't even be able to play this till well into H2 2006... anyway, to me, it sounds to me as if (like someone else here said) they've combined the best parts of UT with Battlefield 2 (I don't consider the Strogg to be a "best part" of Quake IV). I could never get into BF2 for some reason, but this sounds awesome.
  6. Star Wars: Empire At War. No point in explaining this again, so I'll complain instead: the graphics are soooo 2000.
  7. Neverwinter Nights 2. I loved NWN. This looks like a worthy sequel.
  8. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter. This game just interests me for some reason. The graphics are pretty darned good too.
  9. Gears of War. This would have been higher up, but all my enthusiasm disappeared once I found out that the release date kept slipping.
  10. Metal Gear Solid 4. I heard somewhere that it was mentioned as one of the launch titles for the PS3. I have my doubts about whether it will actually come out then, but hey, if you can have Duke Nukem Forever, I'm sure a game that is actually being made qualifies too. ;)

And now, a few quotable quotes!
Originally Posted by Hamish
Halo is still overrated imo :p
Hear, hear!
Originally Posted by crayfish
Perhaps they've found a way of getting graphics properly photo-realistic.
At the rate things are going, it's likely that we'll have photorealistic graphics on handhelds by the time DNF is released.

In closing
Yes, I spent too much time on this post. Yes, I have a lot of time on my hands. I gave the SAT today, so I'm totally free after a long period of time. :) Yes, there's a spider on your shoulder.
kenco_uk 28th January 2006, 14:15 Quote
I'm mostly looking forward to Aftermath.

Been playing SotC on import for a while now, and We Love Katamari :) Both excellent.
Bladestorm 28th January 2006, 14:47 Quote
Ones I'm looking forward to in no particular order.

Elder scrolls IV: Oblivion
Quake Wars : ET
Supreme Commander
star wars:empire at war
Duke Nukem Forever
^^ already covered I think.

Sin: Episodes : Sin was the only game to contend the original half-life, but was thrashed mostly because they couldn't get the technology stable, they are now working with Valve to make a modern episodic Sin for steam .. I think it should be good.

RF online : scantily clad elves, mechs, death-robots .. might be good, might be pants.

Prey : In development for almost as long as Duke nukem forever, promises to introduce some different elements .. might be good, might be niche .. we'll see.

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic : kind of a spell-em-up, using the source engine and valve themselves commenting it is a lot less linear, open-ending and physics engine-using than HL2 was .. it could be really good, I'm interested at least.

Fallout 3 : Probably vapour-ware, but who knows.

Tabula Rasa : another FPS MMO, by a lot of the UO team .. could be awesome, but as a long-time eve-ite any MMO game where you cannot really impact the world is going to be a hard sell to me.

Hellgate: london : Promises to spend quite a lot of effort on Co-op, which would be good .. but it remains to be seen if it will be a good game.

Heroes of might and magic 5 : following in a proud if not spectacular tradition and showing impressive screenshots, reportedly the beta has a lot of problems, if they commit to fixing it I'd probably get it I guess.

Not really strictly a new game, but I very much want to see Eve Online's Planetary Combat feature come to fruition .. one of the developers in an interview makes it sound like they nearly made it like battlefield 2 .. but then decided that wasn't ambitious enough
The Corporate Nerd 28th January 2006, 15:06 Quote
I'm waiting for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion because I've never seen another game like ESIII that allows you to do what you want when you want and play past the time that fate is doomed.
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