Doom RPG for mobiles

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Shadowed_fury 16th November 2005, 11:34 Quote
:D Nice!
mclean007 16th November 2005, 11:37 Quote
Nice. But a full 4 times more expensive in the UK than the US!! Surely that must be some kind of rip-off record, even for rip-of Britain!
Rich_13 16th November 2005, 12:48 Quote
nothing beats worms world party for pocket pc or the java based prince of persia mobile games.
perplekks45 16th November 2005, 13:13 Quote
Originally Posted by Rich_13
nothing beats worms world party for pocket pc or the java based prince of persia mobile games.
... imagine a needle slipping from a record...w00t?!
I mean it's Doom!!! Y'know? DOOM!
The game that's on #3 on my games-I-spent-too-much-time-on list.
C'mon... Doom! Not like Bubbles or stuff like that! D-O-O-M! :D
Platinum 16th November 2005, 13:44 Quote
Where can I get it? im on Orange.
Reaper_Unreal 16th November 2005, 13:53 Quote
I sure hope that my Kyocera Slider can play it. That's freaking awesome. Price is a bit of a rip, but then, that's what USB data cables were invented for. It's like the review said, I'd probably end up playing this game for longer than DOOM3. At least this will give me a strategy other than powerup in shadow, turn, kil kill kill, rinse, repeat.
Darv 16th November 2005, 13:55 Quote
Or you can get the real version for your Smartphone for free. ;)
Platinum 16th November 2005, 14:09 Quote
So where can I get it??? :p
Platinum 16th November 2005, 14:20 Quote
Cheers mate, hows things btw? not seen you since back in the day lol
Platinum 16th November 2005, 14:25 Quote
Hmm for some reason everytime I click buy now it jsut takes me to the Doom product page :/, anyone else sucsessfly bought it?
DarkReaper 16th November 2005, 14:29 Quote
It keeps redirecting me from the Jamdat site to Bit-tech :(
Platinum 16th November 2005, 14:31 Quote
Yea I got past that now im stuck on there product page, is there site actualy some kind of really difficult puzzle game??
Lord_A 16th November 2005, 14:58 Quote
Awesome, but if they think I'll be buying it at £5 when its just $2 in the US they can think again
dire_wolf 16th November 2005, 18:54 Quote
eh? I want to buy the game but every time I click anything resemblimg buy, it just redirects me to the same page . . .

Is there some kind of trick to this lol?
eek 16th November 2005, 19:37 Quote
I cant get it either... I tried buying it, selected my phone model etc and then I just get redirected back to front page... no link for checkout or anything.

At least i'm £5 better off, I buy too much random stuff!!
dire_wolf 18th November 2005, 18:21 Quote
Sent them an email last night to let them know what was happening, everything 'should' work now, having just gotten the game about 20 minutes ago, I can see this is going to provide an age of entertainment on the bus lol
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