Razer Copperhead Gaming Mouse

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OtakuHawk 8th July 2007, 07:03 Quote
You took a screwdriver to the device. by doing so. YOU voided the warranty. Not razer.
this thread is full of people who did not take apart their razer mice, and they work fine.

they don't blame gun shop owners when a customer of thiers robs a bank.

I realize you're frustrated because you lost 100$ worth of hardware, but don't try to blame it on others. your hand held the screwdriver.
specofdust 8th July 2007, 09:18 Quote
Welcome to the forums Drumaddic :)

Plenty of companies sell stuff that to use will void the warrenty of another product. Using custom coolers on plenty of kit will void the warrenty, and yet the samy companies are happy to sell you graphics cards or motherboards also.

They're not saying you shouldn't use the stuff, just saying that if you screw up (or if they screwed up in the manufacture) it now becomse your problem. I feel for you, having spent $100 on a mouse, but your experience isn't really indicitive of the majority of users experiences. There are many out there who get on great with their Razor mouses, and you really shouldn't go badmouthing a product just because you've been unlucky. People are far more likely to listen if you explain things honestly anyway.
Genestarwind 8th July 2007, 12:10 Quote
I've got the diamondback salamander, had it for a while now and all the razer mice ive ever used have been outstanding. My buddy prefers his logitech one (mx5000) but i find that the high arch hurts my hand after an hour or eight of some serious gaming.

The copperhead is just as comfortable and is pretty much the upgrade from the diamondback, if youve got the money go for it yo wont be dissapointed.
BurningFeetMan 7th November 2007, 01:08 Quote
Am I the only one having major troubles with re-installing the Razer Copperhead on a Windows XP sp2 system? No matter what I do, the latest Razer drivers refuse to see the mouse. Currently I've got the thing working on "USB Human Interface Device - Mouse" drivers, but no whistles and bells.

The mouse did work straight out of the pack, but after attempting to update the drivers and moving the USB port, seems it's all over red-rover. I'm gonna format in a couple of weeks, and I'll be careful to NOT use the CD drivers, only using the latest ones online, and NOT EVER unplugging this mouse from it's USB port again!!!
Colossous 7th November 2007, 01:16 Quote

  • I have a Diamondback and love it, i've never bothered with the cd drivers as its allways plug and played but it sounds like a lesson learnt there BurningFeetMan !
Tyinsar 7th November 2007, 03:07 Quote
The Razer drivers (like many other USB drivers) are fussy about which port you use. Have you changed the port. The drivers only load if the mouse is in the same port it was in when the drivers were FIRST installed - Try plugging the mouse into that port. It's Stupid, but that's the way it works (or doesn't).
Svennis 27th January 2008, 21:32 Quote
I am so excited to hear about the Razer and the Ikari. I dont now which mouse I should buy. The Ikari sounds so dope. I read some reviews a moment ago.

I really think that Ikari will kill it. What do people think I should go for?
CardJoe 27th January 2008, 21:51 Quote
Don't post the same question in two threads. It confuses me.
Amon 28th January 2008, 04:23 Quote
Nice mouse. Might be the one to replace my annoying G7.

Ugly colour.

**edit: I'm probably going to get a Lachesis instead.
sacstudent 27th December 2008, 03:37 Quote
This mouse seemed great at first. After using it for 3 days though, it stopped working properly. The software didnt recognize the razor mouse, and as a result i could not adjust the settings for it. This is the only razor product i have, and I will NEVER purchase another product from them again. Back to the 5 year old mouse b/c it works better than this pos.
agrian1 14th January 2011, 20:59 Quote
Anyone who has Razer Copperhead:

I am really keen on this mouse, I am a Claw Grip gamer, so It would be perfect for me, I know it is not produced any more by Razer, but I still need it.

Could anyone measure its weight (without wire)? It would be really appreciated.

I also heard that this has several problems (double click when it should not, disconnects from computer, then reconnects). I am curious, if anyone managed to solve these issues..?

Thank you.
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