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Tim S 7th November 2005, 17:40 Quote
I'm sorry about this guys, I was speaking to Wil about it yesterday and we are still waiting on NCSoft to give us the keys to send out to you. Unfortunately, if we don't have the keys that we were promised, we can't send them out!

We should have them soon and I will keep you updated.
Dayains 7th November 2005, 18:10 Quote
Wossack 7th November 2005, 23:02 Quote
No worries, shouldn't really be getting into another mmo so soon after my WoW rehab :o
Infenro 8th November 2005, 10:45 Quote
i havent got over WoW yet, must get to lvl 60 comon mage get to lvl 60,
WILD9 13th November 2005, 23:09 Quote
This reflects pretty badly on NCSoft I think il give CoV and CoH a miss if this is how long it takes them to get a few trial keys out.
WilHarris 14th November 2005, 10:55 Quote
I agree :(
The_Pope 16th November 2005, 09:51 Quote
Cheer up everybody - I have the codes, and they'll be going out over the next few hours as long as I don't get blocked for "spamming" when sending 150 emails :(

UPDATE - the first third have gone out now. I need to take a break, because otherwise my arm will drop off :'(
TechnoScream 16th November 2005, 15:58 Quote
Recieved Code, will try when i get in from work later tonight, im am looking forward to playing around with the character creation options. Thankyou very much bit-tech.
:: kna :: 16th November 2005, 16:16 Quote
BTW, all the best people play on the Defiant server B)
Stickeh 16th November 2005, 18:08 Quote
I havnt got a code yet.. and i emailed pretty early when the email servers were down... i hope i get a code....
Shepps 16th November 2005, 18:22 Quote
Originally Posted by Stickeh
I havnt got a code yet.. and i emailed pretty early when the email servers were down... i hope i get a code....

me too :?
Hiren 16th November 2005, 20:21 Quote
Got my code today, trying to download the game but it's going very very slow. :/
Dayains 16th November 2005, 20:50 Quote
Originally Posted by Shepps
me too :?
Tim S 16th November 2005, 20:56 Quote
Geoff is in Australia at the moment, so when he updated his post at 14:15GMT, it was already 1:15AM.
Yami 17th November 2005, 17:07 Quote
Hm, strange, I haven't recieved a code yet, and I was fairly early in sending a code in. :x

Have they all gone out, or what?
Hiren 17th November 2005, 17:16 Quote
Woo finally got it up and running. Been pretty straightforeward so far, although right clicking for turning is annoying.
The_Pope 17th November 2005, 18:37 Quote
No, they haven't all gone out yet. I couldn't figure out a slick mail-merge method of processing the list, so I have been pasting them manually :(

Slight delay today, because it's 5:34am and I have been working all day (and all night) on Thursday modding article for the site. Once that is out of the way, I will finish the list. Don't panic - everyone will get a code.

PS - crap, the sun is about to appear :(
MrWillyWonka 20th November 2005, 12:08 Quote
Got mine today it's only downloading at about 30K/s and will take 25 hours to complete :S
Yami 20th November 2005, 12:43 Quote
Got mine too, thanks a bunch Bit.

Downloading at around 200K/s, so I expect it to be done in around 3 hours :)
The_Pope 20th November 2005, 12:54 Quote
Sorry about the delay, when I said it would be Friday and it was actually Sunday... the good news at least is that I found a slightly more streamlined way of sending these emails by hand, so the outstanding chunk only took me 30 mins or so.

All codes have now been sent. If you have missed out on a code when you feel you should not have, I do have some spare, and you can email me for one. I will check you against the list of "winners" to first see if your "prize" email got spam filtered or something. I can then re-send your unique code.

If you're not on the original list, ask nicely and promise to tell 10 friends about bit-tech, and I'll send you one of the reserve codes :D
pman 20th November 2005, 13:20 Quote
Wow! Its 2.4GB! Just 6 and a half hours to go
Hiren 20th November 2005, 17:31 Quote
Hey The_Pope FYI sent you a e-mail about codes.
pman 20th November 2005, 17:44 Quote
Grr! Was at 100kb/s and I quitted it by accicdent. Now its at 16 :( :( :(
DarkReaper 20th November 2005, 23:57 Quote
Fluctating around 100+-30 kb/s Hopefully be done overnight.
Tomm 21st November 2005, 00:20 Quote
I just sent an email now, am I waaaaay too late?
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