XFX XGear Gamepads

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<A88> 1st June 2005, 11:44 Quote
Look nice, maybe a bit wide, but I'm okay with big controllers being someone who uses the large Xbox ones. I'd pay £5 extra for the cordless one if they did a recharging docking station.

Atomic 1st June 2005, 11:47 Quote
£10 for a game pad that actually looks nice, bargain!
fishthecat 1st June 2005, 15:58 Quote
The review gives them the thumbs up. Do they win a bit-tech recommended rossette or have we stopped giving out those?
AngelOfRage 1st June 2005, 19:44 Quote
They do look pretty neat and for a tenner, thats seems pretty good value...
JRY 2nd June 2005, 01:57 Quote
they look nice and for a tenner a great price.
thinking of using my shuttle as a PS emulator(never tried this before)
am assuming it will work with that?
woodshop 2nd June 2005, 19:59 Quote
KEH I still like my Saitek P3000 better
DivineSin 2nd June 2005, 22:46 Quote
Originally Posted by woodshop
KEH I still like my Saitek P3000 better

I dont think you can compare the two, as the Saitek costs nearly 4x the price (in american dollars).
blue_fusion 7th June 2005, 22:21 Quote
Are these even on the market yet, I really need on like right now, I just bought GTA: San Andreas...
Lord Kordir 5th July 2005, 20:18 Quote
I'd still rather use one of my Xbox controllers > USB
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