Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse v2

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mad4it 26th December 2003, 00:38 Quote
ok i agree with most of what u said about the erganomics of the mx700 its not the worlds most comfy mouse. But i have to highly disagree with the highly recommended stamp (although a it is your personal opnion) i just cant see how u can award this stamp to a cordless mouse without a charging cradle (no matter how long they beleive it will last). u can even get cheap cordless mice with cradles for microsoft to leave this out is just INSANE.

well this is just my opnion and your entitled to yours aswell and your the person who wrote the article and u get to give out the stamps :)

oh and first post :)

oooh and MERRY XMAS :D
Shogun 26th December 2003, 04:47 Quote
I want more mice that left handed people can use comfortably. Im currently using an wheel mouse optical. I would buy an intellimouse if it wasnt shaped for right handed people. :'(
Green Soda 26th December 2003, 21:09 Quote
(the thing fit ones hand like a soft, eminently strokeable buttock)

Ummmm, what?!?!?!?!

Rich_13 26th December 2003, 21:11 Quote
the cradel isn't that big a deal, just knock the batt's out the mouse and stick em in the charger, ok it's a little hassel ad a cradel would have been nice but it's by no means a fault.
mad4it 27th December 2003, 00:03 Quote
Originally posted by Rich_13
the cradel isn't that big a deal, just knock the batt's out the mouse and stick em in the charger, ok it's a little hassel ad a cradel would have been nice but it's by no means a fault.

ok its no HUGE fault but its such a simple thing to implement its amazing that they didnt im just wondering if they have a contract with duracel :|

and imo i just think for somthing soo easy to implemented and not be they shouldnt be given the stamp but as i said im not the reviewer :) and i doubt if i was id get given any M$ stuff cause im anti M$ monopoly
[cibyr] 27th December 2003, 07:10 Quote
One thing I'm wondering is how well did the tilt wheel work? This wasn't covered incredibly well in the article, and it is one of the big new features of the mouse. Also, one of my friends got one and we couldn't get the tilt to do anything... but that was at a LAN and we were far to worried about gaming to bother stuffing around with a mouse.
GreyMack 29th December 2003, 00:53 Quote
I bought a microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse combination last year and like the article said almost cried when i discovered the severe lag that the mouse had.
The keyboard is great though.

Anyway my question is i have one reciever unit which works for the keyboard and mouse, will i be able to buy one of the v2 mice to replace the mouse that i bought in the kit?
So far i've noticed ou get a receiver with every mouse bought, would i need it?

any help most appreciated
b_dyche 29th December 2003, 01:04 Quote

I love my new MX combo... Logitech Peripherrals > *
Alan 29th December 2003, 02:06 Quote
I love my Logitech DiNovo and I don't understand how you can say that the mx700/mx900 don't fit the hand very well. When I first got my mx700 I found it a bit different (Intellieye mice before this) but I soon preferred it - especially the recess just below the two side buttons which seemed to fit my hand perfectly.

Surely it is a case of "horses for courses" - maybe you have a funny shaped/sized hand ... maybe I do.

Never mind with it's easy to snap the old batteries out - no rechargeables and no cradle is an offence at this stage of the game. Trust do it, Logitech doit - several models, Microsoft have missed the goalposts this time.
macroman 29th December 2003, 02:12 Quote
It's all a matter of preference. I was always an MS Intellimouse man until I reviewed the MX700. In my opinion it is a better mouse in its own right and it's cordless and rechargable.

I am a very fussy mouse user ;)
ZincteK 31st December 2003, 14:56 Quote

i play alot of games using my mouse and i wanted to know would u see any lag if i got this mouse? cus i had a wireless mouse over a year ago now and i just had lag also my k.b was the same has wireless gone so much faster in that year? as i play online fps i would like my gun to turn when i do :)

hope u can help thanks
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