Pass the responsibility, please

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DarkReaper 12th May 2007, 11:43 Quote
This stuff freaks me out...
capnPedro 12th May 2007, 12:36 Quote
One of the best "fictional" stories I've read in a long time, thanks!
Hugo 12th May 2007, 12:50 Quote
President jerk...I mean Jack Thompson.... hil-frikin'-arious!

Wait... 2020... that's fictional... I thought it was a copy of JT's (not the singer ;)) next draft bill!
jezmck 12th May 2007, 12:52 Quote
blood is turned green
Ramble 12th May 2007, 13:14 Quote
An interesting way to write something that is a threat to us.
dabblet® 12th May 2007, 14:00 Quote
Oh as if

If we actually did live in a nanny state then such things would never happen, I mean if you look back in history before TV, video games and the internet - there were never any murders, torture, slavery, racism or wars.

Gadzooks roll on greater control over our few remaining freedoms.

P.S. DRM rules
P.P.S Nice article ;)
julianmartin 12th May 2007, 14:09 Quote
haha that truely made me laugh, the best article in a long time!
bilbothebaggins 12th May 2007, 14:58 Quote
Haha! ... no, wait ...
specofdust 12th May 2007, 15:09 Quote
Great article dude :D
Lazarus Dark 12th May 2007, 15:21 Quote
So, what? You think by talking about the direction we're heading is going to help prevent it? No. We often forget that we are in the minority. Most of the world are stupid sheep. This will happen. Nothing short of bloody revolution could stop it at this point. Which I welcome.
DXR_13KE 12th May 2007, 15:26 Quote
while i was reading it i was thinking "not on my watch you son of a church!!!!" and this looks like "V for vendetta".

Very good article. Congrats.
will. 12th May 2007, 15:53 Quote
Equilibrium came to mind while i was reading that :p
[USRF]Obiwan 12th May 2007, 16:02 Quote
Originally Posted by will.
Equilibrium came to mind while i was reading that :p

And others like 1984, minnority report and name some more...

Great sf reading. lol @ last sentence ;)
The_Templar 12th May 2007, 16:18 Quote
heh, I saw the last sentence coming, actually.. But still :-) Very thought-provoking, especially in light of the new alcohol thingy in UK (not sure what stage its at, whether just suggestion, or possibility, or what..) But essentially, banning anyone under the age of 15 from touching alcohol, even in a family home.

V for Vendetta is a great movie.. As is Equilibrium. :-)

I actually think that early access to everything is a good thing.. its less of a shock later.. My bro got his hands on Saving Private Ryan when he was like 6 (He was banned from watching it, but he was getting up at like 6:30 in the morning, sneaking and watching it). He's now 12 and hasn't been able to watch it for a couple of years because it sickens him so much.
xPaladin 12th May 2007, 16:42 Quote
Decent piece o' creative writing there with a good undertone.

I feel hopeful that there's still time to stop the rise of Oberführer Thompson.
Spaceraver 12th May 2007, 16:43 Quote
And so came to end, the glory days of the Internets, Free Speech and Personal Freedom (TM)
If this is the way it's going with the world, I'll immigrate to a 3rd world Country before that. Heck, the EU is trying to pull such stunts under our noses every day. And I'm not content with that. Time to fight.. (Where did I put my Ninja Sword?)
Cabe 12th May 2007, 17:25 Quote
The scary thing is, it could happen, all the technology is here now, today. Hell I just got a new mobile and the internal GPS has the ability to send its location to a central server.

It's not too much of a hop and skip to make that service a requirement along with say, the speed your travelling at, the registration of your car (read from the ECU by bluetooth for instance) and tie into the phone providers database to get your phone number and/or home address so they know where to send the fine. Or just charge it to your phone as a micropayment I suppose.

It'll happen im sure, lets just hope the acts in the story stay as suggestions for as long as possible.
Bluephoenix 12th May 2007, 17:50 Quote
been reading too much George Orwell, Brett?

certainly an interesting look at things, but I think there are enough warnings of these kind of things to stop it from happening. I could be wrong, but I hope not.
sinizterguy 12th May 2007, 18:32 Quote
An excellent read .... Pretty much reflects what I feel society is heading towards. Nobody is responsible for themselves or their choices - it is their parents, the environment, the government, the local council, the peer pressure or anything but themselves.
Tulatin 12th May 2007, 18:39 Quote
And when something does come down the line where blame could fall to the parents - since long gone is the content that was anything - fun - maybe they'll blame it on the 1% milk this time, clogging the arteries, and keeping all of the "good blood" out of their hearts and heads.
David_Fitzy 12th May 2007, 19:50 Quote
Eeep Scary thoughts there. Thing is I'm 23 now and will probably live to see that kinda stuff. Reminded me of the film "The Island" Well the living quarters of the clones at least. Also worth mentioning some other things.
  • Dettol Act Government requirement to disinfect your entire home, failure to keep your home sterilized results in fine/jail. (They'll still wonder why people are getting sick though.)
  • No meat products since bird-flu BSE etc
  • If you do get sick you have to phone your lawyer to get a doctors appointment. Then wait a week for the pre-appointment conditional liability waivers to be signed.
  • No internet access beyond preapproved countries (US, Europe etc) without adult fingerprint and activity monitoring (In case you find some banned material or DRM free stuff)
  • State mandatory orthopedic chairs/beds to combat back injuries
  • All TVs Hifi's etc have no volume control all media is normalised and played at an approved listening volume.
  • Getting silly now: The bubble wrap act of 2020 requiring all citizens to wear protective clothing at all times
I'll stop now before these thoughts of future eutopia overwhelm me and i'm forced to try and kill myself in the oven (which is electric)

PS for the americans your 1st ammendmant will have to be ammended for your own protection.
Firehed 12th May 2007, 20:24 Quote
I thought they'd turn the blood blue...

Anyways, I loved the column - probably one of the best ones I've read here in a while. Interesting and thought-provoking, with some nice little plays-on-words (way to go with abusing the COPA acronym).

Maybe I'm too cynical about my outlook for where society's headed, but I can really see this happening. Which is certainly depressing enough - thanks for starting off my extended summer break on a high note.
Woodstock 12th May 2007, 21:33 Quote
Originally Posted by The_Templar
heh, I saw the last sentence coming, actually.. But still :-) Very thought-provoking, especially in light of the new alcohol thingy in UK (not sure what stage its at, whether just suggestion, or possibility, or what..) But essentially, banning anyone under the age of 15 from touching alcohol, even in a family home.

Like that would work, everytime they raise the age limit or banned something the usage goes up, damm us rebellious teens.
Originally Posted by David_Fitzy

[*]No meat products since bird-flu BSE etc

damm now ill have to buy my meat underground
Tyr 12th May 2007, 21:48 Quote
Wonderfully written piece, very scary, but not as scary as the radical direction some part of the US are going in.
zhangmaster12 12th May 2007, 22:07 Quote
great writing! i actually read the whole thing!

if this really, happened, i will start a rebel group, F.F.G or Freedom For Gamers.
Also, i guess it would be like another prohibition, tons of black market :gasp: videogames!
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