When Titans Collide

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Lynx 1st June 2006, 14:38 Quote
This is true that it doesnt install on all hardware. Though apple laptops are nice. I do prefer linux over windows. Its just a pain in the arse to set up nicely. Though XGL is nice
eddtox 1st June 2006, 17:28 Quote
I recently got openSUSE and hevent had much trouble installing it. I did a netinst and all my hardware worked straight away. Tried debian first though and I couldn't get netinst to work and even after I downloaded the full CD and installed it I still had trouble with sound and video. I love the idea of linux.

-ed out
I_Slider_I 1st June 2006, 20:19 Quote
Merger, nah, I would say it would be a pretty dumb a$$ business strategy by both companies. I forcast a more sinister quiet co-operation between the two, in a conspiricy against the public. That way the fan boys have something to be passionate about and can be led along like the true sheep that they are. (some would argue that this has been happening for a while now)
Cthippo 1st June 2006, 21:58 Quote
Originally Posted by dliberate
@Cthippo: Thanks very much for the welcome! - may I ask which distros you've tried? I've had a few (minor) problems with hardware on some of them but I've never encountered any with Kubuntu or Ubuntu (Breezy onwards). Also, I think those two distro are probably the easiest ones to use. They come pre-installed with the majority of the things people need and VLC media player is availble for both so the codec problem goes away (it has inbuilt support).

I started out with an old version of SuSE, then tried Simply Mepis and finally the latest stable version of Ubuntu. I had SuSE running for a while on an old Dell box someone gave me after much struggle with video drivers. I never could get Mepis to run, and when I tried to install Ubuntu on my main machine (see sig) I found out that it doesn't natively support nVidia cards. I got the latest Kubuntu beta on CD at Linuxfest a couple months ago, but haven't had time to try it yet. Granted I'm running some fairly non-mainstream hardware, but still, it shouldn't be this hard.
eddtox 2nd June 2006, 00:31 Quote
@Cthippo: Have you tried openSUSE 10.1? I'm new to linux but (as I said above) it worked a treat for me. Mind you, I installed it on a Duron "Morgan" 1000, Asus A7A133, 128MB PC133 SDRAM, GeForce 2MX 100, 40GB HDD. Just my $0.02

-ed out
Constructacon 2nd June 2006, 07:04 Quote
Originally Posted by Brett Thomas
This is the premise behind the Mac-OS "Smart folder," where one can simply request a folder containing all music files, and it's automatically done. Buy a new music file, and the query will automatically include it the next time you open that folder.
How then would I would my friend hide his pr0n collection from other people (eg significant other) who uses said computer but can't appreciate artistic nudity?

Keep them seperate I say. We need the innovation and competitive prices.
jezmck 2nd June 2006, 09:34 Quote
Originally Posted by Firehed
stay with the x17900GTXOCPro eternally
but then the games companies would have to concentrate on playability!
eddtox 2nd June 2006, 10:57 Quote
Originally Posted by jazzle
but then the games companies would have to concentrate on playability!
OT: IMHO the game industry needs a kick up the backside. While *some* new games have both good graphics and good gemeplay/storyline, many seem to think that the only thing that matters is graphics.

-ed out
Lazarus Dark 2nd June 2006, 17:24 Quote
everyone says Mac is sooo easy to use but every time I have to use my gf's Mac (either for photoshop or if my system is awol) I cant find a dam thing!!! i can't figure it out. I know windows inside and out, and have used linux without problem , but osx is a complete mystery to me. as a proud modder and power user this infuriates me to no end! I hate that thing!!! (I think its watching me now...Its leering at me...)

windows + osx = I go full on Linux convert
Lynx 2nd June 2006, 17:40 Quote
I do hear that quite often from some people what kind of things do you find you cannot find?
Firehed 3rd June 2006, 06:44 Quote
Funny, as someone who's used Windows since 3.11 from age 6 or so, switching and becoming competent in OSX took me about two hours, and fairly proficient in under a week. I've dabbled in Linux and pretty much hated every time I tried, but OSX seems more intuitive (the filesystem's a little funky to me, but that's out of habit rather than it being a problem) than Windows ever was.
sl1xx 14th June 2006, 21:01 Quote
yes i would love to see the 2 companys mesh 2 gether even for a day to see what they both come up with but lets face it, ITS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.
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