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cpemma 16th April 2006, 13:02 Quote
Originally Posted by Wil Harris
...But bare with me...
Kinky man.
EK-MDi 16th April 2006, 13:05 Quote
Great article!
Personally, I don't really have a preference between consoles, and PC. Although I must admit that with the console, you do always have the added pleasure of sitting back comfortably on a sofa. I also like consoles because you've got a bigger screen (well I do anway) to look at. B)
atanum141 16th April 2006, 13:10 Quote
yeah id have to agree on some points on the whole pc vs console front... now it looks like the 360 is a actuall good gaming platform that can actually rival the pc.

Im itching to buy a 360 but i donno if i'd get full use out of it.
scarecrow 16th April 2006, 13:11 Quote
Awsome Article!

Really got me thinking cause the xbox 360 really is a jacked up computer. Hmmmm I wonder if it can become my computer for a lot less then my current rig. Though I still hold a grudge against xbox in general just cause its made by microsoft but that thing is amazing. PC ALL THE WAY
Ramble 16th April 2006, 13:37 Quote
I still maintain that the 360 will eventually get beaten by the PC, although, it may take a bit longer than we're used to.
Th lead is already starting to shorten at the release of physcis cards, the 360 doesn't have one of those.
Bindibadgi 16th April 2006, 14:14 Quote
You never played Reisdent Evil 4 then last year? That's a triple A title for the GC.
BioSniper 16th April 2006, 15:13 Quote
Imo XFIRE acts alot like XBLive, sure it doesn't work for everything (some games the messaging doesn't work right) but it's pretty similar if you ask me ;)
gmarappledude 16th April 2006, 15:18 Quote
My bias is definitely towards PCs, my last console was the sega megadrive. Most graphics cards have at least s-video sockets, so no reason not to sit in the "living room" and game in comfort on a large tv.

I have a question, does the 360 have a pair of usb sockets, if so is it possible to plug in a standard usb keyboard and mouse and play as if on PC? If so then I may try consoles, there is fun to be had.
Stickeh 16th April 2006, 15:27 Quote
Originally Posted by gmarappledude
I have a question, does the 360 have a pair of usb sockets, if so is it possible to plug in a standard usb keyboard and mouse and play as if on PC? If so then I may try consoles, there is fun to be had.
yes it has USB ports, no your keyboard mouse wont work on it.
thats not saying that there wont be implementations for it in the future though.
as with the joytech adapters something will turn up, or microsoft will release something or other :P

Im up for some BF2/ xbox live-ing with the bit-crew (namely PGR3, GRAW), let us know what games, as i might have to go buy some more xD.
Darkedge 16th April 2006, 15:34 Quote
360 has 3 USB sockets, but don't think any games support keyb & mouse.
I prefer Oblivion on 360 TBH.
And no it won't be long till PC's are more powerful but they will still be 4 times the cost if not more.
Live is also much better than Xfire, infact you can't even compare them as live is streets ahead.

The 360 is a great console, very cheap for what it does and has some fantastic games - check out Fight Night round 3 for almost photorealistic looking fantastic game and I hate boxing..
Garside 16th April 2006, 15:50 Quote
I am undefeatable at battlefield 2
Jamie 16th April 2006, 16:03 Quote
I purchased Me and My Katamari in San Francisco on Thursday and I've not put it down yet. I don't own a playstation so I have missed out of the original games. Nether the less this is one of the best games I've played on the PSP, it works well on the handheld.

Anyone else have any thoughts on it?
tank_rider 16th April 2006, 17:03 Quote
Great article, nice balanced perspective between the two platforms. I agree about the FPS thing, i cannot get to grips with console based FPS and aiming with a joystick, mouse and keyboard all the way for me.

I'd also definately be up for some Bit-Tech BF2ness.
KillaH 16th April 2006, 17:38 Quote
If I want to know when my friends are online and gaming on the PC, I have to run MSN to check they're online and then hope that me messaging them doesn't crash them out of a game - how annoying is it when your game switches out when someone pings you? The friends list on Live is simply genius. I can see when my friends were last online, what they were playing, I can send invites to get them to play with me, I can see when they sign in - regardless of what I'm doing at the time - and the whole experience of hooking up to play together is totally seamless. If only there was something like this for the PC - I'm fed up of spending time trawling server browsers looking for names I recognise.

Xfire is almost the same thing
acidfire 16th April 2006, 17:49 Quote
actually xfire is the exact same thing, lets you straight log into the match your friends are playing, AND keeps you up to date on updates for the games your playing
Nova 16th April 2006, 17:57 Quote
yup, another bid to use xfire, i love it, even though i dont use it a whole lot. much better than msn/aim/yahoo in my opinion. its more fo the gamer form of communication.

vent is another good option for more voice communication, ithink it has some other features as well.
Cobalt 16th April 2006, 18:06 Quote
But xfire still isn't intergrated in the way that xbox live is. It also relies on other people having downloaded and using it whereas all 360 users will have the live service if they are connected.
Firehed 16th April 2006, 18:07 Quote
I've played oblivion on the 360 at a store demo rig and on my own PC, and I definately prefer the PC experience. Aside from the fact that I absolutely hate controllers for anything that's not an FF-style RPG (ie, no need to actually aim), the 'couch size' interface would drive me insane in minutes - something that I had to tweak out of the PC version within an hour of playing. Oh yeah - tweaks. PC offers them. 360 lets you pay extra to download stuff which probably isn't what you're looking for.

For the time I'm pretty much off of online gaming, it's just lost its appeal at the moment. Firstly, my friends only play WoW which I hate (where I'm traditionally an FPS gamer), and there are so many noobs and morons that seem to be playing recently that it completely destroys the experience.

Plus PC gamers are cheaper and accessories aren't wazoo-expensive. And there's actually a selection of games. Dunno, but after all the hype over the 360 I'm downright dissapointed by the thing, and the whole paying a few bucks here and there to get more content that should have been included as stock kills me (and it adds up quick). I'm not against it, but imo it needs a lot of changes before I'd consider buying one.
DriftCarl 16th April 2006, 20:17 Quote
I use to love consoles. i had a NES, then a SNES then a PS. even though i have a PS2 i hardly ever play it. I much preter the versitility of a PC. my rig is nice enough to play the latest games. sure its "old skool" AGP, but I like it. I spend just as much time on irc and watching stuff as I do gaming.
Infact I have not even paid a TV licence this year because I feel that my PC offers as much entertainment as I need. my PCI TV Card is safely hidden away where no one will find it, unless I decide that I need TV. mmmmmmmmmm *** bittorrent
riggs 16th April 2006, 20:32 Quote
...because my time is simply to short to indulge in rubbish.
[spelling whore]
Think this needs an extra 'o'
[/spelling whore]

I used to love consoles back in the days of the NES/Master system, SNES/Megadrive (Genesis), but don't really see the point in buying something that my PC can do.

At the end of the day, I'll always be upgrading my PC every 2 years anyway, and will generally buy the best hardware I can afford. The last system I bought was a Gamecube, which hasn't really had that much use (still need to get round to playing through RE4). And before that was a Dreamcast - just because it was quite a unique machine ('proper' arcade style games....oh, and Soul Calibur!)

The X360 and PS3 don't really appeal to me, especially since all the A-grade titles are actually cross platform - I think I'd rather wait until the end of the year (PC upgrade time) rather than buying a console now (no doubt I'll end up with both machines towards the end of their life though).

However, I will definitely be buying a Revolution on launch day, just because it's so different, and something my PC can't do...
<A88> 16th April 2006, 21:34 Quote
Originally Posted by Garside
I am undefeatable at battlefield 2
If only we had an award for the most random comment of the year...

Kipman725 16th April 2006, 22:00 Quote
depends on the game I'm playing. I like my fps on a pc and my super smash bros on a gamecube. The cost of owning a 360 is the games and the accseories which are much more expensive than pc ones. Also a pc isn't just a games machine and with a pc you can install mods and edit things.
LVMike 16th April 2006, 23:23 Quote
I am a PC gamer. allways have been. My first con. was the NES and I bought my second one, an xbox at a thrift store 11 months ago. That being said I love the 360 and i dont even own one. I find myself driving 52 miles roundtrip across town to play on my budie's box and HDTV. The 360 is a fantastic system if you have the prerequisite HDTV and Broadband internet. I find myself holding off untill I have the TV before I am willing to buy the system.

Will I play games only on the 360 No, i think that there are some things which simply play better on PC, But do i enjoy playing games on the 360 yes, I do.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Added To Post>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

On the Xfire vs Live debate, I use/have used both and i can say that the level of intergration of the live service and is overall functionality is lightyears ahead of Xfire. while Xfire is nice and yes it allows you to jump in just like live its still a standalone program that doesn't intergrate WELL with games. Lets Face it messaging while your in BF2 is a bitch with xfire and the little pop up can be a pain. With the LIve system I have never noticed any problems or annoyoing screen jitters like you can get with Xfire.

AS far as PC goes its hard to beat Xfire, ther isnt really any thing else that can do what it does. But Live does it SOOO much better

AS for Hating the Xbox because its a microsoft product, fine if you hate microsoft, stop using their products. BUT to say you hate the xbox 360 because of the parent company is in my view childish, especialy if you havent used it.
Lazarus Dark 17th April 2006, 00:45 Quote
console-not upgradable

console-games come as-is
pc-games are modable, patchable, etc.

console-overpriced limited functionality controllers
pc-any input device i can find (even touchscreen monitor)

console-720p max so far (interlaced output should be banned)
pc-up to 2560x1600 or more if you want to use multiple monitors

hmmm...pc wins i think
N/A 17th April 2006, 04:36 Quote
you forget PC = super expensive. Console - cheapo. and seriously, that's like saying Posche GT Carrera is better then a bicycle because it's faster, and looks cooler... but you forgot to mention it costs 10000% more... therefore more people own bicycles.

I've gotta admit, as a PC gamer my whole 17 years, I'm starting to feel the pressure from consoles.... especially becasue you don't feel "left out" after the new generation of hardware superceeds you....
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