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Darv 15th April 2005, 16:35 Quote
Totally agree! The market for computers, modding, gaming etc is huge here, much larger than the rest of Europe yet there is nothing for us.
Leeum 15th April 2005, 16:39 Quote
I was hoping to see Modfest appear pretty soon but it doesn't seem like anything has materialised :| The events that are organised should be held about mid-England as not everyone can travel to London.
I say we organise a Bit-Fest :D ;)
Impossible 15th April 2005, 17:09 Quote
I heard a rumor that theres a company ringing around asking for prices, for a large lan based at the NEC around this time next year ;)

LockmanX 15th April 2005, 19:35 Quote
Bit's got the contacts and reaches out to the UK (and beyond) modding/enthuisist, why don't you guys organize a show?

Cool article. Got a kick out of the AMD award bit.
Tim S 15th April 2005, 22:11 Quote
We'd love to, it's all a case of finances though... maybe in a few years time ;)
LockmanX 16th April 2005, 07:34 Quote
Well, I figured you could cover alot of finances with sponsors...for example, the companies that show up. Many companies dump thousands into LAN parties and the like, I'm sure they'd fork over for an event all about showing off their stuff and having a good time. I'd hop the pond for something cool like that.
I_Slider_I 7th November 2005, 18:27 Quote
It is all about the sponsors when you are organizing events like this. Obviously I'm sure everybody would want to be involved in the first annual Bit-Tech Awards, but these kinds of things can take up to a couple years of planning. :-S

Still it'd be cool to see a bit-tech show.
ajack 7th November 2005, 19:21 Quote
Dude this thread is ooooold.
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