Everybody's Free (to play Doom)

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Balder 31st August 2004, 09:05 Quote
Stoped playing it, the phrase Boredoom comes to mind
Still nice graphics and all, but repetive, cant wait for hl2, I completed stage1 of the preload, on ISDN!

RR5 31st August 2004, 09:14 Quote
All depends on your level of imagination. If you get lost while playing a game, doom 3 is downright spooky. You will be spooked at times when you're thinking of how to get something done and theres trouble behind a door you just opened.

Doom 3 is well worth buying new hardware just to play it as it was meant to be played.
WILD9 31st August 2004, 09:37 Quote
I have to say this sums up my doom3 experience to the letter. I get totally imersed in games when i play and yes doom3 did scare the crap out of me to start with but It never moved on from the basic "hes behind you" pantomime routine. I was hopeing for some clever scares and it never delivered.
:: Phat :: 31st August 2004, 10:37 Quote
so long as I can get the thrills and chills of hell on earth (the same effect can be achieved by forgetting to tape Buffy for my wife),

;) ;)
Bendill 31st August 2004, 12:25 Quote
Although I thought Doom 3 was downright scary, I do agree on your comment of old concepts not working in todays graphics hungry genre. I mean, I don't know a single person who played the "Serious Sam" series for the gameplay. I read alot of reviews of games, not just PC games, but games for most platforms. What I see in the reviews that so much concern for graphics in PC games is often shadowing gameplay. This is not as much apparent in console games and you are more likely to find more "polished" gameplay on the console. :(
To sum it all up.... I wouldn't give a flying fart about the graphics so long as the gameplay is up to par (I played Daggerfall to death but despised Morrowind). :D
crichards 31st August 2004, 12:26 Quote
Well, I liked it, It's Doom, ie playing a horror movie and being scared. On that level, it worked for me, very well. I played in a dark room with surround speakers and, well, I was scared for most of the time - thank god I wasn't in the house alone though otherwise it would have been one of those 'don't want to get up in the middle of the night to go to the loo' times.

However, the sound was a bit of a let down - I've got 7.1 speakers but the Carmacks decided to concentrate, too much, on the graphics. As a result, 7.1 isn't even supported, only 5.1.

I suppose, just like a film, if you go in with too high expectations or a cynical attitude, you'll be disappointed. If you want strategy, play C&C/Civ, if you want to use your brain, play an old adventure game, if you just want to be scared and blow away the hordes of hell with various amusing weapons, there's nothing better than Doom.
:: kna :: 31st August 2004, 12:37 Quote
The point for me however was that it also stopped being scary because I knew what was coming. After the n-th darkened room with armour in a hidden darkened corner, you just readied yourself for what you knew was about to happen.

In much the same way as you watch an over the top cliched horror film, you just *know* what's coming and as such, it stops being scary.
-Xp- 31st August 2004, 12:54 Quote
II agree with the repetativeness. I only continue playing to satisfy my urge to blow stuff away with my shotgun. It's fun to shoot stuff point-blank with a shotgun. Saying that, I don't play it very often anymore.
Lynx 31st August 2004, 13:39 Quote
You pretty much read my mind. Doom 3 just stopped being scary after 30 mins because you knew they where trying to scare you.

I have only truly been scared whitless by one game and that was Theif 3. In one level they build up the suspence to increadibly high levels and you end up scaring your self with your own shadows. This is without any not 1 enemy in the entire level. It was a perfect blend of sound, lighitng and architecture.

Doom 3 just went for shock tactics and once you realise that it doesnt work any more.
Rich_13 31st August 2004, 13:56 Quote
Seems alot of people find this with the game. I now tend to play 20mins or so every 3-4 days and that kinda keeps it good for me although u do need to keep track of what your doing (even if it is a bit liniar... )
mrplow 31st August 2004, 14:39 Quote
Graphics cards! That's all you ever talk about k-nuh!
RR5 31st August 2004, 16:50 Quote
Games are make believe. Soon as you stand up and say "We've all seen this before, try something new".. you've killed it. Yes its the same stuff over and over, but the way they give you the story. How you use your PDA and get background information on Delta Labs. OooOoooo Scary Delta, always causing people to flip out. Now you are **in** Delta and hearing all kinds of hellish noises. Hell yes I was scared, simply because I let myself go into the game.

So tell me, can you walk into a hunted house and yawn the whole way though?

Doom 3 is a milestone. Four years in the making and you at least owe ID a start to finish attempt.

-Just my opinion
Monkey2 31st August 2004, 17:06 Quote
Just cause it took a long time to make doesn't mean its good

And it is a good game, Its just not a GREAT game and is just not worth the price of a new video card.
Kingston 31st August 2004, 17:35 Quote
I wonder when it happened. When did we all decide games had to be something more then fun. I mean you all wait for half-life2 and yet I can already hear everyone saying it wasnt that great after a few weaks.

Maybe we are all to used to online gaming where everything is different everytime you play.

I think doom 3 did a very good job of keeping the mood up it wasnt just a guy behind you it was the noise you heard the shadow on the wall the whispers. So what you knew something was coming behind you if you back tracked after every 5 steps. I feel you played the game very causiously and stopped all the fun from happening. Its frantic you want to get out. But after every enemy you killed you walked back 5 steps.

I agree it wasnt much new for gaming but hey did it ever say it was? You knew it was just a rehash of the old doom games and then when they gave you that you bitched how it was just a rehash of the old doom games.

I for one loved doom 3 sure i played threw it once and have played it very little sense then. But thats like every other single player game out there. I will return to it someday.

Maybe Im just sick of everyone saying how crappy doom3 is. I think people just built it up in there own mind to be something that was supposed to actually knock us off our chair.
:: kna :: 31st August 2004, 18:56 Quote
Four years in the making and you at least owe ID a start to finish attempt.

Not especially; if I pay £3 for a burger touted as the best burger I'll ever eat and it isn't, I won't finish the rest of it.
I think people just built it up in there own mind to be something that was supposed to actually knock us off our chair.

No, all this time in the making did that. I'm not going to set off the HL2/Doom argument here but given what I'm expecting in HL2, I expect it to be scary and a fantastically playable game. Just because Doom3 is a remake doesn't mean the playability has to be, nor should I be satisfied that it is.

For the hype, all we've been sold is a wonderful graphics engine on top of a boring and predictable game. I see no reason in this day and age not to be sold a wonderful graphics engine on top of a exciting and immersive game.

Like I've stated in the article, I don't expect people to agree with me on this, but a point I'm making is that if you go out and spend money on a new graphics card for it, the majority of people will be sorely disappointed.
Infernal 31st August 2004, 22:53 Quote
wayyy too repetitave for me! waiting on HL2, san andreas and full spectrum warrior for PC
jaguarking11 31st August 2004, 22:58 Quote
I actualy havent played it yet. Because I have not put together my gaming rig yet as I am still modding it. But I can say this about the game withought playing it. The engine of the game regardless of how it plays is the true tresure of it. They will make other games on that engine and hopefully we will get games that are both fun to play and nice to look at.

Just my sentiments.
Btw top notch pice you wrote there.
¿þŘΩĐĮĢΫ? 1st September 2004, 00:01 Quote
one thing wrong with the engine, is some of pyhcics, i'll be playing kill a demon then sunddenly his body will start bounceing off the walls like a pinball, other than that i was quite impressed with Doom 3's engine
Dinh 1st September 2004, 00:47 Quote
Yup The average player will spend atleast 3 weeks on Doom3 before chucking it back in the closet or maybe even days :)
Lord_A 1st September 2004, 03:31 Quote
From the article...
...however I could also assume that you’re not one of the four people left on the planet who have yet to play it.
Originally Posted by jaguarking11
I actualy havent played it yet. Because I have not put together my gaming rig yet as I am still modding it. But I can say this about the game withought playing it. The engine of the game regardless of how it plays is the true tresure of it. They will make other games on that engine and hopefully we will get games that are both fun to play and nice to look at.

Just my sentiments.
Btw top notch pice you wrote there.

I haven't played it yet, or even seen it 'in real life' either.
I wonder who the other 2 people are
The only things I have seen are screenshots and the video they released ages ago. I was expecting a LOT from this game, but from what people have told me and from articles like this one, I have lowered my expectations so hopefully I will not be so let down.
Hepath 1st September 2004, 08:54 Quote
Ok... Mr Cynical here....

A fair criticism of me is that I dont play FPS enough to warrant being a decent critic of them. I get travel sick which means that when Quake came out 5 mins gaming saw me having to lie down. This never stopped me before.... ;)

Its a first person shooter, you go into a room, kill things, move next room, rinse repeat...... what did you expect? Blood? [Silly question really!]

I too haven't seen the game in action , this is yet another game where hype seems to have been more that the sum of the total gaming experience from the reaction of posters in this forum. Add that to the assumption of the minimal spec requirements and the game just does not seem to add up when weighing cost vs enjoyment

As a genre it works... After all "Doom1" is "Doom2" is "Doom3" is ....... sheesh!

Lets face it we are getting to a stage whereby computer literate people are becoming so blase and complacent about graphics that finally gameplay is making a re-emergence as an important factor. Hussah! Who remembers System Shock? That had to be one of the best RPG/FPS games when it came out, yet its kith and kin die a death in the hyperbole that surrounds the incarnation. To be honest I've not found anything to top it.... but then I get travel sick after 5 mins ;)

I know the replies - I should see the game before I criticise. I agree. However I dont intend to criticise the game, just the fact that yet again people are suprised when a game doesn;t live up to the hype.... "same old same old"

SqUeD 1st September 2004, 11:11 Quote
Okay Okay I can agree on both camps the pro- and the negative side its scary it scared the **** out of me, the sound is okay the graphics are good, it also kinda felt good to play a oldskool fps. BUT somehow it just couldn't intrest me anymore after playing about 13 lvls. **** man I even bought a x800 pro (the 8600 ultra wasn't in stock) . I think the graphics of Far Cry are much beter. ALL I'm waiting for is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and HL2 But i think stalker is going to be just superb!!!!!
LoneArchon 1st September 2004, 15:43 Quote
I play doom3 for a couple of mins then stopped. I went back to ffVII :D. Its was fun for a while. Now I have CS:source Beta to keep my brain occupied till HL2. And i didn't need a new GFX Card my 9800 Pro sufficed in both just fine 70 fps in cs:source at 1024x768
douphus 1st September 2004, 20:37 Quote
I like the game, but it would have been much much better if they had used some of the gameplay from classic FPS's such as the original Bond for N64. Now that game had pretty decent AI, they didn't have to make enemies spawn behind you just to hit you. I don't recall anytime in DOOM 3 when an IMP dove for cover. And it had what seems to be missing from almost all PC based FPS games: gameplay that encouraged precision aiming. In DOOM 3 its just point and shoot, I miss the games where you actually had to aim for headshots and sneak up on people to get one-hit kills all while using cover to avoid being hit. The monsters in DOOM3 seem to absorb your shotgun shells without so much as a wince, they just keep on coming. Boring...
Darth Joules 1st September 2004, 22:04 Quote
Well, if most of you are getting bored of Doom 3 already that's good news for me. It means others like you will eventually pawn off their copy to a game re-seller (ala Game Trader) so skin-flints like me can buy it cheap and not feel as cheated. :D

It'll come to a point were someone will have to re-invent/vitalize the FPS genre. On-line/network play is all well and good, but the clincher for me is greater freedom of movement, more interaction with the environment and NPCs, and GOOD non-linear stories in future FPS. CS, GTA 3, and GTA Vice City have some of these qualities in varying degrees....and STALKER looks like it might do it too (if they ever finish it). I'm pretty much fed up with every FPS being another "pinball" find-the-blue-key-for-the-blue-door linear story b*ll*cks that lasts a few days. :( It's all wolves in sheeps' clothing! Game developers are spending far too much time on improving the graphics and game engine to ever higher standards rather than the game play and depth which never seems to change much from one FPS to the next since DOOM came out. Originallity is getting thin on the ground. Look at oldies like X-COM; poop graphics by today's standards, but buckets of game fragging buildings totally flat with grenades. It ruled, and still does! ;)

I'm not going to hold my breath for HL 2, though seeing CS Source being played has got me going "WEEEE" like an idiot. I do hope they bundle it with HL 2.

Meanwhile I'm going to dig out the ol' Commodore 64 and play a little Revenge Of The Mutant Camels.
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