Technological Narcolepsy

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plagio 5th July 2004, 17:35 Quote
How comes nobody even dared to post a reply over here?
As I was reading your column I was like - Hang on a minute, how about ......... about what ?
Once again I must agree with Mr. Caines.

And those raptors of 10.000 rpm are too expencive to even dare to look at them.

Cheers, plagio Rome (Italy)
liuh 5th July 2004, 20:46 Quote
i agree with one thing -- there's not that many brand new "inventions" now, as much as things are just being redone.

But of course, thats all new computer stuff is, just a revamp of an older product. And that of course, also, is why modding is around? To invent your own ideas and go with the creative juices within. :)
Xiachunyi 5th July 2004, 21:18 Quote
That is a really great article; my dad has been telling me the computer industry has literally stopped inventing new things and is coming to a deadstop. I guess until humans can catch up to technology, we will just keep reinventing the wheel and making it more aesthetic.
acrimonious 5th July 2004, 21:39 Quote
If things don't progress at a steady rate sales drop, investors get nervous and the technology sector collapses like a lung that forgot the breathe back in. It's not about technology, which is an -art- in my book, it's about economy just like everything else.

We're getting short of breath...
Kingston 5th July 2004, 22:57 Quote
So true. I mean who buys all this crap? If I were to build a bran new system today I would buy the exact same thing as I did last year.
-EVRE- 5th July 2004, 23:30 Quote
the problem isnt with the technology its with the software developers. 64 processors... still only running in 32bit mode, bad ass graphics cards... running at 1/4 load, 1gig of ram to satify a 512 requirement, ect ect.

Its the software writers fault.. they dont push for higher requirement machines so we dont upgrade, if we dont upgrade the more the mainstream computer is a slower older one. Its a vicious cycle. the only things on the horizon for the need for speed are games like hl2 and doom3 the rest of it will run fine on a ti4200 w/2ghz, 2000+ processor with 256mb ram. at the last lan party I went to a guy was playing UT2004 on a pIII 1.2ghz 512 pc 2100 and a gf3 and i couldnt tell the diff from my barton @2.3ghz with a 9800pro.

BTW. what games or software support 64bit processors?
-:: M@ ::- 6th July 2004, 02:04 Quote
Yes but if they pushed software to the limits, then you would have to upgrade/ have a decent system to use it, and while that may sound good to you, the average joe which is about 90% of the consumer market wont want to buy this software, as it will run slow on there outdated computer, or they will need an upgrade to use it, and software developers can't make the programs as good as they want, as this wont sell, hell it might sell to you, or me, but not to the majority and thats what matters.

I mean look at XP, it runs on my 566 celeron, and on my 2.2 Ghz P4 and thats what matters, the spread of speeds/power it can run on, if it was made to only run at like 1.5Ghz + not that much would be sold, and the software developers would loose out.

Im afraid your going to have to wait about 5 years for the people with old computers to catch up, then the software in 5 years time might actually tax and use all the power available in your system at the moment...

- M@
Rich_13 6th July 2004, 12:42 Quote
dam good article ;)
although i would like a tft at a decent price which can match a good ctr performance wise.
jezmck 6th July 2004, 23:36 Quote
Do you realise the single most interesting thing to me about SATA drives is the fact the cables are neater in my machine?
I do realise that, because it's the same for me. (I don't even know what the other differences are (other than needing a different mobo)

Newer versions of the same stuff certainly doesn't excite me as much as it used to. I am much more interested in getting the gadgets I don't have, or a whole new system for my girlfriend (or myself!) than I am in upgrading my current machine.
eaterofpies 10th July 2004, 10:09 Quote
couldnt agree more really ive been using the same xp1800 with a gf3 and 512 of ram for over 2 and a half years yes YEARS ive only just upgraded the ram because the motherboard broke and i couldnt find a non ddr board and the graphics card went cos it couldnt really handle ut2004 properly but again 2 and a half years without spending money on anything other than cd/dvd media a dvd burner and a raptor(5 year warranty seems a good idea when youve just lots a lot of work).

there may well be a new x ghz machine with more graphical processing power than you can shake a very large stick at but i cant play ut2004 at more than 90 fps online anyway so its no good to me and tbh i could probably do 90% of what i do at home on a 500 mhz machine. web surfing + mp3 + programming is about all i usually do infact a 386 with lynx (or other command line browser) a parallel port mp3 hardware decoder and a text editor would probably do all i need appart from when i go to lans

The only thing i have an urge to upgrade is my server because it cant handle 32 player onslaught and apparently you need an amd 64 bit chip to get that and possibly an opteron so it wont happen.

oh and just a small note games that are beyond most systems get the upgrades in as proven with unreal . . . a game that required 32 or 64 meg (cant remember which) when most people had half that and it was still a really popular game
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