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pancake 26th April 2004, 13:20 Quote
My comment is regarding this layout for your columns. I think the big quote boxes need to go. They don't really serve much purpose on a web site and they made trying to read the article very unpleasant. The big dark boxes seem to drag your eyes away from the body text, making it very difficult to focus.
:: kna :: 26th April 2004, 13:47 Quote
Thanks for your comments, it'll take some getting used to but they'll likely stay until we get a much wider idea of how people feel about them.

Could you direct anything further into the feedback section and not the column threads themselves, thanks.
Monkeyboy 26th April 2004, 17:05 Quote
Very nice. I agree with pancake though; lose the quote boxes.
At my place of employment, they have blocked any external e-mail except for the officers and the few key employees who actually use it to communicate with agents in other countries. This was done so that the workplace could be more productive since no one would waste time with forwards and such. Funnily enough, we still get humorous, and occasionally tasteless, attachments, forwards, links, etc., and when you trace where they are coming from, it's the exact same execs that want us to be more productive!
And it seems that I always get the same things from several different people (who I see in person several time a day, each!). Why can't they just stop sending me what I essentially deem "crap"?
Vochraye 26th April 2004, 22:43 Quote
Originally Posted by Monkeyboy
Very nice. I agree with pancake though; lose the quote boxes.
I third that.

Well written article! ;) I definitely agree that there are a few bad apples in most offices that seriously abuse email and web access. But for the most part I think people aren't slacking off, they just need something to breakup the day. It used to be the infamous "coffee break", but now it's an "internet break".

Having worked in an IS department I certainly understand where you are coming from on the misuse of server space and bandwidth. But I think a lot of the need for "crack down" has more to do with the personalities of some IS folk and their need to flex their technological prowess more so than the work habits of the average Joe (not necessarily in your case, but just in general). IS Departments - well, let's call a spade a spade - geeks (and I certainly include myself in that group) have this tendency to frown on the average user as if their use of "our" machines is a privilege, not a right. I have met IT professionals that defiantly got pushed around a lot on the playground and they are going to make sure that they spend the rest of their lives making somebody else pay the price.

Locking down their email and internet access to the point that when they try to check the scores on last nights game they get a nasty email from IS questioning the "appropriateness" of their web habits doesn't make people more productive - it makes them LESS productive because they feel hassled. And if the issue is email file size bloat, just set a reasonable threshold (20k as you said). If it's bigger than that and they need it for work, they can slap it up on the file server. All in all, I agree that some restrictions are needed, but that we should really tone down the Big Brother crap.

Sorry for the long post, but your article really got me thinking! ( a good thing I guess?)

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to work.
Penrhos 26th April 2004, 22:58 Quote
Page layout could do with a bit more tweaking as it detracts from the message.

We have just spent enough IT budget upgrading the e-mail system at work to cope with the spam, viruses and junk e-mails staff/friends send each other that we could have employed another person for a year.

Even after there has been 10 dismissals for e-mail/internet abuse.
jezmck 27th April 2004, 00:50 Quote
nice article - well written, will be forwarding a link to my friends(!)
yodasarmpit 28th April 2004, 10:17 Quote
That was a nice relief from work to read that :D
Pygo 1st May 2004, 01:15 Quote
That was a good article Kna. Very true about how peeps forward funny, and pointless stuff around. But, at my work place, it is not a frequent occurance. I got maybe 3 or 4 since I've been working here (almost a year now.) But then again, There are only 4 of us.
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