Perpetual Emotion

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Darv 22nd March 2004, 20:11 Quote
Very interesting and very true. People these days seem to find it easier to be negative towards everything.

I try to be a decent guy on the internet and if someone does annoy me I prefer to just ignore them and let them get on with it.
Pygo 22nd March 2004, 23:04 Quote
hehe, yeah. I didn't really realize it before. I do notice friends and stuff be more mean and what not online. Even in MSN.
That last sentence I found kinda funny.
I try to be nice as well. Lately, I suppose mny people notice I sort of hang out in the General Discussion, and the test forum as well. With smart remarks and what not. I do it to be humorious. I am sure Kiljoi does so as well, and others. (sorry if I offend mate, just first name popped into my head.)

I generally find most people on Bit-tech to be quite nice and helpful. There have been a few people I have seen, (maybe myself included, I don't think so though ) be kinda rude. But that happens anyway. Bit-tech is becoming more and more of a social hangout. There are rude people everywhere, and I guess they make there way through various places.
I would have to say that I have seen more rude people, friends included, in real life as well as in places like bit-tech. Although, this may be because I am able to talk to them on msn, and don't really hide their second personality all the time. hmmm... interesting.
olv 22nd March 2004, 23:05 Quote
i think the complete lack of any paralinguistic features in text is a large contributing factor. If you arn't fimiliar with someone's sense of humour then an off the cuff remark intended to be funny can be taken the wrong way. People say only a few percent of communication is verbal and as internet forums are a form of verbal replacement just without any body language, tone, intonation and stuff.
if that makes any sense lol
Pygo 22nd March 2004, 23:28 Quote
Yup, I agree as well. Smilies I think are an attempt to remove the "how does he/she mean that?" question. I find it helps out a bit. A simple example:
"I smashed my videocard... It be broke now :)"
"Your stupid. "
"I smashed my videocard... It be broke now."
"Your stupid."
As you can see, the second situation is a quite a bit different. I won't describe it. If you don't understand, it means you are stupi... ermm.. Ask what it means. ;)
El_JimBob 23rd March 2004, 01:13 Quote
Funny, Ive just come from a wrestling forum where I have been berating someone for their lack of tact, discipline and gereral superiority complex, I fire up Bit-Tech and...........
Truer words have never been spoken.
This place is generally an awesome place to browse and all the mods should be proud of the work they do here.

Mind u, i noticed i got some reputation points from someone recently for answering a genuine question for them, when all the other person in the thread was doing was all the time.

Just goes to show: Be true to thyself, and thee shall be rewarded ;)
Astrum 23rd March 2004, 02:26 Quote
Very ture. I know what I change about myself, not really my personality but my social habbits. I tend to talk more online, I'm not very big on socializing in real life.

I also agree with what olv said. I tend to include a lot of smilies in my text to convey the emotion and tone of it.
Pygo 23rd March 2004, 06:45 Quote
wow.. umm... like 4 out of 40 some items loaded for me on that page. And is taking a long time. It is still 39% incomplete.
<5min later>
hmmmm... wow, all I see is LOTS of red X's, and still 39% complete. oh wait... the "Cool Stuff" image at the top loaded.

Is it broken? or does this site just work TERRIBLY with IE based browsers?
I am guessing lynx won't be any better?
:: kna :: 23rd March 2004, 08:20 Quote
Haha, typical isn't it.. I hadn't seen that before today and someone else sent it to me independently too.

Bah, now everyone is going to think I copied PA. :)
Pygo 23rd March 2004, 08:47 Quote
hehe. now it works. Funny, and yet true.
Omnipotence 29th March 2004, 20:33 Quote
Wow. This is a very good article!

You've hit the nail on the head with every aspect, in particular people having dual personalities. I have also noticed most of my friends are very different online to real life. Those that don't seem to differ have had the internet a lot longer than others. They don't need to compete with the sarcastic, or abusive people.

Admittedly I'm also very different at the keyboard. I'm much better at taking my time and communicating properly. In real life I probably don't think things through as much. However, I'd probably need someone on the outside to make that call. :P

I normally only view the project logs at Bit-tech, but I saw a link to this article at I'll certainly pay much more attention to the rest of Bit-tech now. Well done. ;)
Green Soda 1st April 2004, 04:20 Quote
Originally Posted by Omnipotence
Those that don't seem to differ have had the internet a lot longer than others. They don't need to compete with the sarcastic, or abusive people.
Admittedly I'm also very different at the keyboard. I'm much better at taking my time and communicating properly. In real life I probably don't think things through as much.
I have to agree with that. I got good ol` AOHell back in 95 (hehehe, 3rd grade for me ), and i know a few other friends that were doing similar things at similar times, and what you said is true. If i were to just IM one of my friends (not knowing them), and then meet them later, i wouldn't be really shocked. However, if i were to meet someone thats only really had the net for a year or two, then i would prob be really shocked.

And im prob better at typing too then in public convo, since i actually read over my text *insert horror scream here* before i send it (for the most part ), so you can see if the intented point is really there. I know that if people were to proof read some of there text, it might sound nicer. (i've re-read this post 2 times now )

Then again, there are those ****tards like a certian distant Bit-Techer whose name happens to be the first element on the perodic table + 18 who seem to be here just to anoy people...

**Edit: Hope you dont mind kna, i used the last line in your article for my sig :D
Humbuck 26th May 2004, 12:57 Quote
I joined so I could simply have my say for this very forum. I've used this site for ideas and innovation for a long time and I’ve always classed it very highly but anyway - my say:

I've always said that there is this physical filter that exists between your brain and your mouth that simply doesn't exist between your brain and your fingers. I would never say anything that wasn't my own genuine honest opinion to "rock the boat" or do anything other that keep the peace either on the net or face-to-face but I’ve found that if you have a feeling it amplifies it’s self on the net be it love, hate, lust, whatever. Because it doesn’t ‘really’ matter if you offend this person you will probably never meet you ain’t gonna lose a few teeth over it.

My better half is the total opposite to me - she logs on as me to people I’ve befriended on MSN and plays holy hell. Something I’d never do and I hold my head in my hands - she seems to find it easier to lie than I do.

Perhaps the be all and end all is that I am happy with who I am :D

I’ve been cruising the net and talking to people for a number of years and have found that you have to have a good memory to be a good liar and also people who tend t be nasty to you do it for attention (of which the don't receive from me). But there ya go - I work in an office and communicate with 90% of people over the phone and the attitude differences exist there too. I’ve grown a thick skin.

Take care all. Thanks for this wonderful site.
Egekrusher 26th May 2004, 19:09 Quote


I have noticed this same trend myself recently. Granted, I wasn't around during the BBS or even newgroup eras, but I have been posting on forums for years now.

Love the article man.
Jonas79 26th May 2004, 22:04 Quote
Nice article :)

I took some time to read through some of my posts in different forums and noticed something.... I'm much more polite on the Internet than I am in real life

So... then I took some time to analyze my Internet self :| I came to think of two things.

1. Almost all forums I post in are english speaking. My english (although I think it's ok) isn't nearly as rich and colorful as my swedish. This is natural since english is something I've learned and swedish is my native language. It's easier to be polite than to try to be funny or sarcastic when you can't handle the language properly.

2. If I get into a verbal conflict IRL with someone, it just takes a few minutes before the argument is over and we can agree that we disagree. This is a much more drawn out procedure on a forum and I can't hold a grudge for that long :D

Very interesting topic :)
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