Tablet PCs - Is anyone listening?

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Bindibadgi 3rd February 2004, 11:56 Quote
Got to play with a TC1000 in the summer; best damn small pc ive ever used. Tempered glass front, all the gubbins n everything. Much better than a laptop imo, ;) although the cpu was a bit slow (1ghz hardware/software hybrid)
Darkside 3rd February 2004, 20:37 Quote
A picture or two may have been helpfull IMHO.

penski 3rd February 2004, 20:52 Quote
"PCs" *cough*


What sort of price do tablets run at? I've been thinking of getting a Lappie.... :/

:: kna :: 3rd February 2004, 21:28 Quote
Grammar police! My fault.. I'll fix in a bit.

The toshiba is around £1200 ex VAT, which makes it a price to rival a lot of business laptops.

As for images, I didn't really feel they'd do much but break up the text and as it's a written column my plan is getting people reading it ;)
The_Sub 4th February 2004, 04:20 Quote
Here's one for ya.
Improving upon the award-winning Portégé 3500, the Portégé M200 Tablet PC offers the new uniquely designed Toshiba Tablet Multi Dock and impressive array of productivity tools including Intel® Centrino™ mobile technology for extended battery life and advanced wireless connectivity, nVIDIA® GeForce™ FX Go 5200 32M graphics, and Microsoft® Office OneNote™ 2003.

Taken from the Toshiba website here ...
But for $2400 - $2800 starting prices is it really worth it? Of course I work in construction so I doubt that I'd really find a need for one. Unless, that is, I got one heck of a price for it. I really like new gadgets and stuff. :D
:: kna :: 4th February 2004, 07:40 Quote
Well, my costings are based on UK sales price. Given that I pay around £1000 ex VAT for business laptops anyway, paying an extra £200 for the functionality is a no-brainer.

At the current exchange rate, your lower price works out about right so I'm not sure at what kind of price you expect to buy business laptops in the US?
:: Phat :: 7th February 2004, 21:31 Quote
As the "brought it upon myself to be" laptop guy in work, I've had about 20 or so Portege 3500 laptops on my desk, and I LOVE them :) My signature @ the bottom of my council e-mails was written on a Portege... fantastic piece of kit ;)
fathazza 8th February 2004, 19:47 Quote
ive been complaining about most laptops for years. Simply cos they just arent really that portable, just looking at my flatmates dell, its pretty damn big and weighs over 3kg.

tablets look pretty good at the moment although they are rather expensive for their spec. but u always pay over the odds for somat that much smaller.

I recently got my self a 2nd hand subnotebook. Ibm x20 , p3-600,12.1" screen, 20gb hdd, 320mb ram.

which is only 1.3kg without its dockingstation (which contains the dvd drive and floppy) and only set me back £430.
Hamish 8th February 2004, 19:51 Quote
probably because a lot of laptops are aimed at being desktop replacements that you could move elsewhere fairly easily, rather than being for use on the move like :)
my dad has a really little dell P3m laptop that doesnt have much power but can easily be used on the move :)
Trev 10th February 2004, 20:02 Quote
I find your remark that slates have little use at all to be premature. I believe a great deal of people disagree with your view here, myself included. I have my tablet pc for almost a year now, Motion Computing M1200, and the slate form factor is to die for.

The learning curve for a slate pc is a bit more than a convertible, but once you learn how to effectively use a slate, you will no longer need nor even want the keyboard.

The new enhancements to longhorn, lonestar, will make the slate even more powerful.

Also for anyone interested in tablet pcs, head to
:: kna :: 10th February 2004, 20:06 Quote
Trev, thanks for your opinions and for taking the time to post.

Unfortunately the key factor in your statement there was learning curve. IMHO, Slates will never replace the laptop because the majority of people would enjoy the enhanced functionality of Tablet PC's with the flexibility of a traditional layout.

Again, Slates have a definate function and I'm sure there are plenty of applications out there which would increase people's efficiency hundreds of times over, however laptops are generally bought to overcome the hurdles of a desktop and can't see them being replaced by keyboardless models anytime soon. In our own environment it would be impossible to put a Slate in, where conversely a Tablet PC would make them more productive.

Maybe Slate's will have their day, but it won't be now. In an environment where typing is a requirement, not an option, it just won't happen, at least not until handwriting recognition is much better.
the_wazzup_dude 13th February 2004, 01:11 Quote
this might be the totally wrong chat area, if so sorry!
there is nothing in my BIOS controls to allow me to change the voltage in anything! help! it is a Via Ezra processor, and I have no clue at all what type of motherboard, I knew how to work windows 98, but I do not know how to access things in XP! HELP!!

You are indeed in the wrong area. Please try again in "Technical Support". --Nexxo
Megadoomer 19th February 2004, 23:43 Quote
The tablet PC could have some huge potential i had some good ideas for programs that could be used within a lecture to help reviewing material easy and something that a student would want to do...too bad my lack of l33t programing skills leaves me to just hope one day they make something like that
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