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Is LGA1366 the most future-proof choice?

Posted on 16th Jul 2009 at 10:29 by Clive Webster with 46 comments

Clive Webster
I was chatting to Rich yesterday about P55 and socket LGA1156, and how its imminent arrival makes it pretty tricky to pick a CPU type with decent upgrade potential. LGA775 isn't going to see anything new, so a Q9650 is pretty much the pinnacle of Core 2; meanwhile on the AMD side, it really doesn't seem that Socket AM3 has much further to go. However, we know Intel plans future LGA1366 releases, so this seems like the best option if you desperately need an upgrade now.

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Lynnfield has arrived

Posted on 2nd Jul 2009 at 16:52 by James Gorbold with 16 comments

James Gorbold
We just thought you’d like to know that a pair of Lynnfield CPUs arrived in the office today. Lynnfield is the codename for the second generation Nehalem-architecture CPUs that will replace the Core 2 later this year (for more on its actual retail branding, you can read our recent news story).

Lynnfield CPUs differ from current Core i7 CPUs such as the i7-975 in that they have four physical cores, but only the top two models will have logical Hyper-Threaded cores - lower spec Lynnfields will not support Hyper-Threading at all. In addition Lynnfield has a dual-channel DDR3 integrated memory controller instead of supporting triple-channel DDR3. As a result of these changes, Lynnfield CPUs will ship with LGA1156 packaging, so will not work in existing LGA1366 Core i7 or LGA775 Core 2 motherboards.

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AMD could move all ATI GPUs to SOI at 32nm - here's why

Posted on 9th Jun 2009 at 10:58 by Tim Smalley with 7 comments

Tim Smalley
One of the most interesting discussions we had last week was with silicon manufacturing firm Global Foundries, and it talked about its future following its separation from AMD.

Naturally, we talked about process technology and where the industry is heading, and bit-tech came away with a good idea of how Global Foundries hopes to succeed where AMD couldn’t, becoming a leader in silicon manufacturing technology.

Ever since AMD acquired ATI, the new combined company has talked at length about its plans to integrate the GPU onto the CPU die. This decision has been greeted with polarised reactions; Nvidia argues that the integrated GPUs will be ‘outdated’ while AMD and Intel, which later announced its intention to do the same, say it’s the natural progression of technology as CPUs becomes more parallel and GPUs become more general purpose.

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Why We Need New Nvidia Chipsets

Posted on 26th May 2009 at 10:32 by Richard Swinburne with 22 comments

Richard Swinburne
Are Nvidia motherboard chipsets significant anymore? Do we need them? A simple pair of questions, but doubtless they'll receive a mixed response.

If we hark back to the days of VIA, innovating with its SDRAM Pentium 4 chipsets, while Intel was pushing expensive RDRAM chipsets, and then offering the highest performance DDR chipsets, it's clear that third party chipsets have played an important role in helping PC builders get the best deal and best performance. Nvidia itself made significant contributions - nForce 2 supplanted VIA's DDR2 chipsets, and then of course came the reintroduction of SLI, which owned the market for a while.

How things change. VIA gradually became reduced to mainstream, then niche chipsets for its own CPUs. Unfortunately for Nvidia, it is going in the same direction. The 9400M might be made sexy by the 'Ion' name, but it's a low end chipset and arguably has only a limited life until Intel Pineview launches and brings graphics all on-CPU.

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Series 3, Episode 2 - Netbooks, SSDs and Intel is fined £948 million

Posted on 23rd May 2009 at 16:35 by Podcast with 8 comments

Episode 2 of Series 3 of the all new combined Custom PC and bit-tech podcast is here. CPC Editor Alex, Deputy Editor James are joined by bit-tech’s Richard and Joe. The main topic of discussion is of course the massive £948 million fine the EU has imposed on Intel, along with AMD’s most recent attempt at a netbook, and the fact that it looks like time has finally been called on Duke Nukem Forever.

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Full coverage: EU fines Intel £948 million

Posted on 13th May 2009 at 15:11 by Alex Watson with 107 comments

Alex Watson
The EU has fined Intel £948 million ($1.45 billion) for violating EC Treaty antitrust rules on the abuse of its dominant market position. Commissioners found Intel guilty of illegal business practices on two counts - Intel had given wholly or partially hidden rebates to computer manufacturers on condition that they bought all, or almost all, their x86 CPUs from Intel. Secondly, Intel was found guilty of making direct payments to computer manufacturers to halt or delay the launch of specific products containing AMD's CPUs.

We've rounded up the key quotes from all three major players in this case - the EU, AMD and Intel itself. Click the links to read the full stories.

"Intel has harmed millions of European consumers by deliberately acting to keep competitors out of the market for computer chips for many years. Such a serious and sustained violation of the EU's antitrust rules cannot be tolerated" – EC Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes didn't hold back when revealing the verdict.

"Our experience to date has been that when investigators look at the facts, Intel loses" – Nigel Dessau, AMD's Chief Marketing Officer weighs in on the ruling.

"We believe the decision is wrong and ignores the reality of a highly competitive microprocessor marketplace – characterised by constant innovation, improved product performance and lower prices, he continued. There has been absolutely zero harm to consumers. Intel will appeal." - Intel CEO and President Paul Otellini responds.

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My history of RAID and storage

Posted on 23rd Apr 2009 at 10:46 by Richard Swinburne with 13 comments

Richard Swinburne
So I run three terabyte Samsung F1 drives in RAID 5 at home from a motherboard with an Intel ICH9R Southbridge with Matrix RAID. It's 'onboard RAID' but even so, I've still been impressed.

My experience with Matrix RAID has transversed the ages ever since Intel introduced the technology. Previously I've played with Western Digital Raptor 74GB hard drives connected to an ICH6R (on an Intel 925X reference board) and getting all sorts of super-sized theoretical bandwidth figures for fun and it booted a fresh install of Windows XP like lightening. Yay for a bit of e-peen swinging, hey?

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2009: The year of the rebrand

Posted on 17th Feb 2009 at 18:42 by Richard Swinburne with 1 comments

Richard Swinburne
I'm going to forgo the continually depressing reiteration of "economic downturn" or whatever you want to call it. But since quite a few large companies are posting massive demand drops and insolvency is the latest craze these days, there's no doubt we're seeing an unfortunate trend of re-branding take an ever present role in "new" product lines.

Of the companies that we spend the majority of our time covering, Intel, Nvidia and AMD are getting in on the act.

Despite the billions of dollars of investment Intel is ploughing into its 32nm facilities, the chip giant still feels the need to rename its ICH7 southbridge (first released in 2005) to something different for the next release of its popular Atom product: Pineview. Inside the "new" southbridge, there's still the same set of features but, on the outside, there's a fresh coat of paint as it'll now be known as Tigerpoint.


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Intel to release Core i7 975, new D0 stepping soon?

Posted on 3rd Feb 2009 at 15:21 by Tim Smalley with 2 comments

Although most of the world is hurting right now because of the economic slowdown, Intel looks set to release a new high-end Core i7 processor in the coming weeks or months following some early benchmark results which have appeared on the Xtreme Systems forums.

Intel to release Core i7 975, new D0 stepping soon? Intel to release Core i7 975, new D0 stepping soon

Xtreme Systems honcho Charles 'Fugger' Wirth teamed up with Corsair, Gigabyte and Intel to break the 3DMark05 world record, stealing it back from Team Finland, who put AMD back on top in this benchmark for the first time in a long time. He broke the previous record of 45,474 with his pair of Radeon HD 4870 X2s humming along at their stock speeds and clocked up a new highest score of 47,026.

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Episode 19 - Larrabee, DirectX 11 and violent games

Posted on 17th Jul 2008 at 14:40 by Podcast

The 19th episode of the Custom PC podcast features the panel reacting to the latest rumours about Larrabee, and how the Pentagon might be helping Intel design a GPU, and discussing Blizzard’s announcement of Diablo 3. The team also discuss instancing in MMOs and how it’s a problem for Conan, a first glimpse of DirectX 11 and whether it’s a good idea to revist Colonization. There’s also the guess the game music competition, with a bundle of Formula 1 related prizes to be won. Also, as you can see from the picture above, we’ve got a smart new logo!

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