Hardware 19 - The Cockney Cast

Posted on 18th Feb 2011 at 10:18 by Podcast with 7 comments

This week's bit-tech and Custom PC podcast is brought to you by Clive, Antony and Paul.

First on the agenda is the continuing Intel Sandy Bridge saga, and what motherboard manufacturers are doing to sort it out. We also comment on MSI's returns strategy, which the company announced on Wednesday.

Next we make some time to talk about the gorgeous Silverstone FT03. It's a pretty peculiar case due to its inverted design, but it's always refreshing to see manufactures taking a different approach.

Finally, Antony gives us a sneaky look at the CPU cooler group test from the latest issue of Custom PC, which went on sale at newsagents yesterday. Make sure you pick up a copy if you want to see which new CPU coolers offer the best combination of cooling and value.

Hardware 19 - The Cockney Cast

As always, we've also set up our weekly competition, although there's a slightly different twist on it this week. The lucky winner will be able to get their hands on a Mionix Propus 380 mousepad, which will provide the perfect tracking surface for whichever mouse you choose to use.

As ever, the bit-tech hardware podcast features music by Brad Sucks, and was recorded on Shure microphones. You can download the podcast direct, listen in-browser or subscribe through iTunes using the links below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts about the discussion in the forums.


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Lockon Stratos 18th February 2011, 15:06 Quote
it makes me sad that manufacturers would run different return schemes for different countries. Just because we dont live in a certain country doesnt make us any less a customer then the people who do live in this 'special' country. its depressing. but UK customers have been shafted by so many schemes compared to our brothers n sisters across the pond and it is sickening. hardware is so much cheaper in the U.S then it is in the UK. we pay out of our noses, and we get exploited by manufacturers becase we are a nation of people that just sits there and accepts that, thats the way things are. the USA might be a bigger country compared to the UK. but WE pay MORE for hardware and we dont get crap like rebates or cashback schemes on almost every single peice of hardware. not to mention the VAT rate.

Blackmoon181 18th February 2011, 19:37 Quote
just a quick thought for you guys. i've been listening to your podcast in my car and was wondering if there is any way to adjust the volume on the mics so each person is roughly the same level ? Since some people ( can't remember the names) speak really quiet i turn it up and almost get deafened when someone laughs.
MrGumby 19th February 2011, 01:31 Quote
Autotune :)
maximus09 19th February 2011, 10:47 Quote
well i guess they only have one mic and are sitting at different distances from it??
Technobod 19th February 2011, 12:29 Quote
Likely maximus09, but would it be too much to ask for it to be normalised to a constant level?
Whindog 20th February 2011, 21:49 Quote
OOOhhhhh the agony.

To answer my question so early. Thinking i might have won the competition eagerly awaited for the announcment....and then NNNOOOOOO.........oh the pain. To have visions of the SC2 mouse mat on my desk and then its ripped out from underneath me :p

Great podecast guys. And thanx for the advice on LGA2011, now ill just wait till april to pick up a B3 MB and go from there.

Keep up the good work

P.S - Good work pronouncing my name right. Even with the slight pause. ;)
Danio 5th March 2011, 14:04 Quote
Hi guys,

Just wondering when your next podcast (Gaming or Hardware) will be released (?!) as I've been missing it on my travels to and from work for the past couple of weeks. :(

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