Gaming 19 - Come Knife With Me

Posted on 17th Dec 2010 at 15:08 by Podcast with 15 comments

It's the end of another week and with it comes another podcast to help you fill the empty canvas that is the weekend. This week saw Harry, Joe, Paul and returning team member Ben Hardwidge sit down to discuss the latest goings on and happenings in the world of gaming.

First on the agenda was our thoughts on the results of the bit-gamer game of the year vote. Joe and Harry were both pretty happy with the game that nabbed the top spot but we also talk about some of the games that we thought would be higher but weren’t.

We also took the chance to look forward to next year and the big releases that are on the horizon with Mass Effect 3, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Deus Ex: Human Revolution all highlighted as ones we’re particularly looking forward to. Joe also talks about some of the latest mobile games that he’s been playing.

As usual we also announce the winners of last week’s gaming podcast competition to knife Harry in a game of Call of Duty: Black Ops. Congratulations to the two winners, who will both be getting a bag of loot from our labs.

Gaming 19 - Come Knife With Me Gaming 19 - Come Knife with me
Its always nice to see Harry get picked on in an online FPS

Indeed, it appears that Harry enjoyed last week’s competition so much that he’s set the same competition again this week. He’s even managed to rope Paul into the fun too. To enter simply add Harry (bazmataz) or Paul (votelarry) on steam, snap a screenshot of you killing either of the two in a embarrassing way and send it in to Make sure you put Gaming Podcast 19 in the subject line and remember to include your name. You can also use the same email address to ask us any questions you’d like answering or for suggesting areas for us to cover in the podcast.

The bit-tech games podcast features music by Brad Sucks and was recorded on Shure microphones. You can download the podcast direct, listen in browser or subscribe through itunes using the links below - be sure to let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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SlowMotionSuicide 17th December 2010, 15:26 Quote
Can't find it on iTunes, only episode 18 up yet:(
Material 17th December 2010, 15:37 Quote
Sometimes it takes about 15mins to show up.

Usually the article is sat in the site engine waiting to be proofed for this amount of time so you guys don't notice the wait but Joe was particularly on the ball with his proofing today.

Just give it a few minutes.

(EDIT) Its there now (15:38). If you still cant see it something may be up at your end.
wuyanxu 17th December 2010, 15:49 Quote
yay, i won some loot.

i should have submitted screenshots taken in theatre mode, first person mode obviously isn't as good. and didn't get as feature screenshot.

here's a youtube video i made afterwards though.
bagman 17th December 2010, 18:09 Quote
you're going down
PlayedStation 20th December 2010, 13:44 Quote
game dev story is epic, my fav iphone game for ages.

completed it twice.... 5 hackers and a hardware engineer FTW! best scores, straight 10's... bow down :)
wuyanxu 20th December 2010, 13:58 Quote
Originally Posted by PlayedStation
game dev story is epic, my fav iphone game for ages.

completed it twice.... 5 hackers and a hardware engineer FTW! best scores, straight 10's... bow down :)
there's a completion?

after hearing this pod cast, i've been playing this game for the whole weekend. only at year 10 at the moment.
PlayedStation 20th December 2010, 14:05 Quote
yeah it stops you at year 25 (i think), which means you can't set any more records for number of games/consoles sold so you have to restart. Although the advantage of restarting is you keep your "points" to spend on the development parts.

It's addictive isn't it? My girlfriend hated it, said i was doing the "people who make app games" job's for them..... Didn't have the heart to explain.
Blademrk 20th December 2010, 15:03 Quote
a link to Harry and Paul's (sounds like a BBC comedy show to me) steam pages for the competition might be handy ;)
wuyanxu 20th December 2010, 15:13 Quote
Game Dev story is way too addictive. but for some reason, whenever i invest heavily in games (such as with expensive external people) i never get the money back from sales. is it best to just use internal developers and hire people with high stats but high salary?

just add them onto friends by using the add friend wizard:
bazmataz for Harry (he's addicted to Football manager whenever i look, hasn't seen him on Blops for the last few days, i might have missed him going on though)
votelarry for Paul (steam display name: Material, confused me for a few hours before i realised who this is)
Digibull 20th December 2010, 15:25 Quote
Regarding the picklocking in Oblivion, once you worked out the animation of the locks you can unlock the hardest locks at low levels without wasting exp points in lockpicking.

For those who weren't aware, watch the locks as they move... if they've got an 'upwards' animation 1st rather then instantly dropping down, clicking quick enough will lock it into place.
PlayedStation 20th December 2010, 15:27 Quote
Yeah outsourcing the work never gets you very far, you're much better off hiring high paid staff with stats in the 100's (if they're available) - spend the most on recruitment too so you can pick from the best... Wages are never really an issue later on.

Always buy the boosts from the salespeople too, they help, and aim to have a score of at least 1 category over 100 so the hype is higher :)

You gotta invest cash to get better returns basically:

Only thing i was disappointed by was making your own console, it doesn't make you much money at all. Guess its true to life then
Material 20th December 2010, 21:54 Quote
Originally Posted by Blademrk
a link to Harry and Paul's (sounds like a BBC comedy show to me) steam pages for the competition might be handy ;)

If you still need them our steam pages are:
Centy-face 22nd December 2010, 09:58 Quote
1 down 1 to go

Centy + Ballistic knife = WIN!
Blademrk 6th January 2011, 13:15 Quote
Finally had a spare 5 minutes to lsten to the podcast. Brilliant as ever, although I think Joes calculater was a bit out (£8*12months*6years = £576). I did find it amusing that if you add the cost of the game and expansion packs at (£30 a pop, and ignoring the latest one) you get the devil's wages (£666) :D
Mankz 16th January 2011, 18:36 Quote
Oh, and the tower Big Ben is housed in is called St. Stevens tower.
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