Gaming 18 - Game of the Year 2010

Posted on 1st Dec 2010 at 13:36 by Podcast with 5 comments

Yes, its a brand spanking new gaming podcast. Blimey, we're so good to you people. This episode is hosted by Joe who is joined by Paul, Harry and guest Chris Pickering.

As you may have guessed from the title, we use this podcast as an opportunity to look back at our favourite games of the year. You can tell us your favourite titles of 2010 in our official, reader-voted awards - but this is where we give our personal opinions!

So, what are our favourites? Well, Joe and Harry wax hyperbolic about Mass Effect 2 while Paul highlights Neptune's Pride as his game of the year. Meanwhile, Chris spends his time explaining why Gran Turismo 5 wouldn't be his game of choice.

Gaming 18 - Game of the Year 2010 Gaming 18 - Game of the Year Nominations
Think you can come up with a more amusing screenshot?

We also announce the winner of last episode's competition to send in an amusing screenshot and announce a new competition along the same lines. As you can see from the winning screenshot above, it doesn't take much to make us chuckle here in the bit-tech offices, so get your entries in to for your chance to win a bag of swag.

While you're at it you could drop us a gaming or hardware related question. We're going to make much more of an effort to answer the steady stream of queries that make their way into the in-box in future episodes.

The bit-tech games podcast features music by Brad Sucks and was recorded on Shure microphones. You can download the podcast direct, listen in browser or subscribe through itunes using the links below - be sure to let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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sp4nky 2nd December 2010, 12:23 Quote
I was surprised that Civ 5 didn't get a mention in the "games of the year" podcast. For long-term Civ players it's not a brilliant game but it will surely make the Civ franchise more accessible and bring in a new wave of players.
Material 2nd December 2010, 13:20 Quote
I think it was just that the four people we happened to have in the podcast weren't massive fans or hadn't played it.

If James was in there for example I'm sure it would have come up.
Canon 2nd December 2010, 14:23 Quote
I would be really happy to see BT's GOTY go to Chime, Neptunes Pride or maybe even Flotilla. It would pain me to see it go to BLOPS or BFBC2. The whole FPS genre feels as if it's being mass produced from cheap parts in a dingy factory somewhere in the Chinese docklands and unfortunately they're being scooped up like crazy by the console gamers (you aren't as bad a bunch as made out sometimes) and they're making an obscene amount of money from them, so they keep coming.

I could be really wrong but like I say it would be nice to see the small, totally polished ( I think 'polished' is deffinitley the best way to put it) games be in with a chance.
castleofillusion 3rd December 2010, 12:55 Quote
"I don't understand people who buy games and never play them." -- Chris THIS IS YOU. Your piles (of games, not the medical kind) are ridiculous. Well done though, I say we need more Yorkshire goodness in the BT podcasts. Though it will of course never compete with the gracefulness of the Scottish accent och aye the noo ;)
Jaffo 4th December 2010, 09:18 Quote
Got my swag... it's quality! Thanks guys!
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