Gaming Podcast 4 - The PSPgo, Dreamcast and future of RTS games

Posted on 1st Oct 2009 at 14:01 by Podcast with 12 comments

The fourth Gaming Pocast from the CustomPC and bit-tech team, again hosted by Joe and this time with Clive, Mark and Antony joining in for plenty of discussion about the latest events in the games industry across all platforms.

This week they discuss the future of the Japanese games market, why none of them will buy a PSPgo and why the Dreamcast was so great. Also, rants about the evolution of the RTS genre and a chance to win a copy of Zeno Clash, plus the usual reader mail.

If you've got questions you'd like to see answered in the next podcast feel free to send them to the usual address or drop them in the forums.


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l3v1ck 1st October 2009, 15:11 Quote
I'm liking the phrase "Pile of fail."
But "Epic fail" would have been even better.
CardJoe 1st October 2009, 15:20 Quote
What about Epic pile of Fail?

NOW we're cooking!
tennisball 1st October 2009, 15:45 Quote
did you eat your lunch before this one??
Centy-face 1st October 2009, 15:46 Quote
7 minutes in and I had to pause to so I could hear it over my own laughter. Reminds me of episode 18 of the old podcast, that had me in hysterics.
CardJoe 1st October 2009, 15:50 Quote
Originally Posted by tennisball
did you eat your lunch before this one??

I actually we over-ran into lunch time - and I was very much looking forward to my rice pudding. I've got back into them lately.
l3v1ck 1st October 2009, 16:16 Quote
Baldur's Gate doesn't punish your alignment, but it does punish your reputation if it gets too low. You can't really play an evil character without getting a low reputation in BG1.
This issue was removed in BG2.
CardJoe 2nd October 2009, 12:33 Quote
IIRC there are some weapons and items (definitely in the dialog expansions I use, if not the vanilla game) that can only be used by characters of certain alignments though.

It's definitely true in BG2, where the Human Flesh Armour is only usable by evil characters.
Dreaming 2nd October 2009, 21:36 Quote
im famous! :D

it was great though, the laughter was infections. "well **** you then" :D :D :D
Dreaming 3rd October 2009, 01:46 Quote
Also, diablo developer lets daughter play game just FYI:
Tehren 3rd October 2009, 21:50 Quote
Great podcast guys. Got on board a month or so ago and am working my way back thru the archives.

As a father to a (18 month old) daughter I'd exercise my own judgement concerning the games I'd let her play. This is probably a moot point - I doubt she'll give a toss about proper gaming though, exposed as she'll be to the pernicious influence of Casual gaming thanks to my good lady wife.

There are some 14 year olds who can handle GTA IV et all, and some 40 year olds who can't. For responsible parents, ratings are just a framework.
jesusthemazu 7th October 2009, 16:00 Quote
so even though screen sizes are increaseing on may peoples desks, how come the 1440x900 resolution is never tested anymore?

i have a 19inch LCD that i game on and it works fine for what i need. the only problem is, when i try to buy a new card, i kinda have to just assume it will work.

any thoughts?
Jezcentral 29th October 2009, 09:46 Quote
I've just finished listening to it. Wot a pile of tripe. I ended up skimming through the first 15 mins, until you decided you'd settle down. There's a reason you guys aren't stand-up comedians, and this was as bad as the PC Gamer UK lot at their worst.

And gay jokes? Really? (Ho ho ho. I thought you called me a homo! Ha ha!)
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