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Bit-Gamer Competition #4

Posted on 12th Jan 2011 at 14:36 by Joe Martin with 96 comments

Joe Martin
We may have only just come out of our tiny, smelly podcast studio, but we're still eager to give away more prizes in the name of bit-gamer.

This week we've got three PC games to give away courtesy of Paradox Interactive!

Forum Prize - King Arthur: The RPG Wargame
Twitter Prize - Majesty 2
Facebook Prize - Mount and Blade: Warband

We're also giving in to popular demand and opening the competition to the forums - but with a twist. What we'd like you to do is have a go on the Online Videogame Name Generator and see us what titles come out as a result.

Then, if you want to win a copy of King Arthur, post the result to comments thread below this article. If you've got your eye on Majesty 2 then send your title to @bit_gamer on Twitter. Finally, if you hope to win Mount and Blade: Warband, post your game name on our Facebook page (you may have to 'Like' the page before you can post to it).

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