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Posted on 27th Jan 2009 at 14:12 by Joe Martin with 0 comments

Joe Martin
So, this marks the start of the blogs, does it? Well, that's fantastic. I've long been saying we need somewhere to cut loose around here and the idea of having a more informal platform to sound-off than the columns page sounds great to me.

To be honest though, there is one problem. I already have a blog. It may be a Wordpress one, not a marvel like this one created by Jamie, but it does the job for me when I choose to update it with personal rants and updates. Which makes me think of what I can put on this blog that won't just end up there.

And it's at this point in the blog post that I jump into an entirely separate point that I can't be bothered to introduce properly. Blogs are better for that type of stuff than articles.

So, I made a list of all the games I own at home the other day. I was waiting for a game to install and it seemed a good way to pass the time. Strictly speaking they aren't all the games I own - there are countless titles that have been lost or sold over the years, plus a good dozen or so that I didn't care enough for to bring with me when I last moved. All in all though there are 108 games that I have with me.

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