Streets of Rogue is going to eat your lunch break today

Posted on 9th Sep 2016 at 11:14 by Jake Tucker with 4 comments

Jake Tucker
Streets of Rogue is, at first glance, everything I hate. It's an open alpha of a rogue-lite with a pun name for a title, and it takes inspiration from a mass of different sources. A single paragraph on the website suggests the game takes inspiration from Binding of Isaac, Nuclear Throne and Deus Ex.

But, this first alpha is open for everyone to play, so I thought why not, if it sucks I can just get back to playing Rainbow Six Siege forever.

It doesn't suck. In fact, Streets of Rogue is fun in a way I haven't seen in games in a long time.

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Games journalism isn't corrupt, but Youtube has a problem.

Posted on 2nd Sep 2016 at 09:18 by Rick Lane with 59 comments

Rick Lane
Allegations of corruption have dogged games journalism for almost as long as games journalism has existed. Where exactly this belief stems from isn’t entirely certain. But if you went by the average comments section on a game review, you’d think the entirety of games journalism was more corrupt than Silvio Berlusconi’s hard-drive.

Like any form of journalism, games media isn’t short of examples of shoddy work. Evidence of that goes as far back as dodgy reviews of games like Nemesis for the ZX Spectrum, where Sinclair User appear to have reviewed a beta version of the game in order to get ahead of the competition. But the vast majority of complaints and conspiracy theories about games writing aren’t concerned with laziness or cutting corners. Instead, they revolve around a very specific and far more serious subject – the idea that critics are routinely paid-off by publishers to artificially inflate review scores.

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