Bit-Gamer Competition #6

Posted on 7th Feb 2011 at 12:01 by Joe Martin with 17 comments

Joe Martin
Last week we asked you to let us know what you thought about Sony's newly announced NGP for a chance to win one of two bundles of PC strategy games. Now, we announce the winners and set a whole new competition!

First, we'll set the rules for the new competition. What we want you to do this week is either send us a question or let us know which game you'd like us to discuss in our next games podcast.

We have two sets of prizes to give away, one for the forums and one for Facebook.

If you want to enter via the forums then all you need to do is drop your answer in the comments to this article for a chance to win a copy of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit on the Xbox 360, plus Daniel Wilson's How to Survive a Robot Uprising book!

If you want to enter via Facebook then you should tell us on our Facebook page for a chance to win Medal of Honour on PS3, plus a copy of Chris Ryan's novelization. You can, of course, enter both as many times as you want to increase your chances of winning.

Winners will be announced on Thursday 17th, 2010.

As for who won the last competition, we've selected two random winners from Facebook and Twitter and quoted them below. We'll be in contact with both of you to let you know how to get your prizes!

Twitter Winner - Adam Maturo
"@Bit_Gamer I think the NGP looks awesome. But it'll probably be really expensive and the back touch panel seems like a gimmick."

Facebook Winner - Lee Thompson
"I'm very much looking forward to the Sony NGP. It's quite a powerful piece of kit, addresses the serious flaw in the PSP (the dual thumb sticks) and the games should be amazing.

"Questions remain though - battery life, price and developer support. Hopefully it won't be hacked and piracy doesn't kill it in the same way that happened to PSP. If it's put on sale in the £300-£350 mark, it might well be the first console I pick up on day 1.

Good luck everyone!


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RedFlames 7th February 2011, 12:05 Quote
Some people have commented on Isaac from Dead Space going from a faceless mute in the first game to a quite vocal character [with 100% more face] in the second. What are your thoughts on main characters speaking [or not]? Do you prefer characters like Gordon Freeman where they are facing down the end of the world in silence or more vocal characters like, say, Shepard from Mass Effect, or does it depend on the game?
mi1ez 7th February 2011, 12:10 Quote
Since Portal 2's still a bit quiet, I'd like to hear you pan Breach some more!
Canon 7th February 2011, 12:14 Quote
Skyrim !
GregTheRotter 7th February 2011, 13:34 Quote
And doe those of you wanting a pc version of this game, you get to suck eggs :) Oh well.
GravitySmacked 7th February 2011, 13:39 Quote
Star Wars: The Old Republic, you haven't done much on that game thus far. PC MMO and Star Wars geekism, definitely needs some time devoted to it methinks.
el_diablo_72 7th February 2011, 17:07 Quote
Best internal voice was Garrett in the Thief series - done it that fashion it is great. I think it depends upon the game to be honest
Redsnake77 7th February 2011, 17:44 Quote
Why does BT do so many reviews of multi format releases (that do include the PC) on a console? Are you moving away from supporting the PC as a gaming platform? Even the recent GPU reviews have had less in the way of depth, with a reduction in games comparisons, and even dropping the folding results. Why is this?
Glix 7th February 2011, 18:53 Quote
Talk about the lack of PC *AAA* exclusives. We've had some rehashes and sequels, but mostly games that are simply ports or are available on other platforms, do we have many to look forward to at all?
Kris 8th February 2011, 09:49 Quote
Mm I would suggest a two-part topic: your comparison/analysis of the differences between the PS3 and PC versions of DC universe online.
The analysis part could look into the control schemes, how they differ, and which one is better for the type of game.

Second part could compare the style of controls, where developers could go from there to make MMO gaming more viable on a console etc - all this in the context of looking at MMO control "standards" as a whole :)

Hope this is not too 'vague' of an idea, and you understand what I mean in this messy post :D
Tibby 9th February 2011, 10:02 Quote
Little Big Planet 2
wuyanxu 9th February 2011, 10:06 Quote
Originally Posted by Glix
Talk about the lack of PC *AAA* exclusives. We've had some rehashes and sequels, but mostly games that are simply ports or are available on other platforms, do we have many to look forward to at all?
Battlefield 3 :D

any joystick recommendations for casual (not flight simulators) gaming? how are Saitek's joystick configuration software?
Dr. Awesome 9th February 2011, 10:16 Quote
What about gaming setups, like the chairs/sofas/beanbags people use when gaming. Light level, sound level and all that jazz.

EDIT: How could I forget, what about the impending face-melter that should be Duke Nukem?
Redsnake77 9th February 2011, 11:59 Quote
Originally Posted by wuyanxu
Battlefield 3 :D

any joystick recommendations for casual (not flight simulators) gaming? how are Saitek's joystick configuration software?

I have the ST290 Pro which is excellent, with WASD mapped to X,Y axis'. But they don't make it anymore. After 5 years I'm looking at getting the Saitek Cyborg F.L.Y. 5. The software is excellent, and combined with the Logitech software for my mouse I rarely have to touch the keyboard for most games once the keys are all mapped.
Jaffo 11th February 2011, 09:41 Quote
I know you journos get loads of stuff gratis but what was the last game or gaming peripheral you stumped up your own cold hard cash for? (Full price, not in a sale)
cjb119 14th February 2011, 16:58 Quote
A discussion of Next Gen Consoles would be interesting: What do you think the next gen consoles will be based on? Last time the 360 and PS3 both took for their GPU, a fairly standard PC chip. Do you think they will do the same next time? Do you think that the massive gulf in capabilities will be an issue? By that I mean that consoles can't really do 720p on most titles, whereas on a PC 1080p is 'low res'. So were not likely to see a 6900 or 580 series are we? Also looking forward there's been an obvious drop in cutting edge pc games as cross-compatability has been deemed more important, do you think PC gaming hardware will plataeu without the games driving it?
CardJoe 18th February 2011, 15:43 Quote
Tibby and Sally Brook have just been announced as the winners of this competition - we'll have another one lined up in a short while too, so stay tuned!
M7ck 18th February 2011, 15:47 Quote
Going competition crazy now aren't you?

Why don't you put a couple of bit-tech t-shirts up for prizes?
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