Free Games I Like: Virtua School

Posted on 11th Dec 2010 at 12:24 by Joe Martin with 5 comments

Joe Martin
Ah, Virtua School. Another game I played far too much of as a teenager and which I’ve bought back to life on my iPod Touch courtesy of the ill-fated iDOS. I truly love this game.

Virtua School is a text-based game which casts you as a kid starting his first day of school, forced to deal with the usual array of problems – girls, bullies, exams and extra-curricular activities. Using multiple choice options you weave your way through these scenarios, with a single playthrough lasting around ten minutes.

What I like most about Virtua School though is the random events which are woven into each game to help make things a bit different. The changes range from big things, like bomb scares or after-school parties, to smaller alterations, like characters changing their opinions or reactions. Popular girl Liz might like you one day and hate you another.

Free Games I Like: Virtua School
Click to download Virtua School

Virtua School isn’t a revolutionarily complex game, nor is it particularly unique in any identifiable way. It’s just something simple, done really well – and I’ve always had a soft-spot for things like that. It’s why I like beans on toast so much; it may just be beans on toast, but I cook it really well.

Virtua School was so popular when it was first released that the creators, Dana Lodico and Josh Noe, even planned on making a sequel. Unfortunately, nine years after that fact the official website still hasn’t been updated – so it’s probably off the cards. Still, at least the original still holds up well.


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Dae314 11th December 2010, 18:37 Quote
I cannot run the program

"This system does not support full screen mode"
TheLink 11th December 2010, 21:25 Quote
This file is hosted by Tripod, a Lycos�Network Site, and is not available for download.
CardJoe 11th December 2010, 21:28 Quote
Originally Posted by TheLink
This file is hosted by Tripod, a Lycos�Network Site, and is not available for download.

Link is fixed now.
Bauul 13th December 2010, 13:09 Quote
No matter how many times I played it, I couldn't help but end up sleeping with the skanky skater girl at the end. :)
chris1317 14th December 2010, 11:03 Quote
If you wash at the start the skaters wont like you
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